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Modern Ukrainian painters and sculptors

Apollonov Oleksii. Biography, exhibitions. Ukrainian painter, modern paintings
Oleksii Apollonov Top artist
3 paintings

Apollonov is Ukrainian Picasso. Just as unpredictable and as good – no matter what he does. Yesterday, it was the Crimean plein air, which took our breath away. Today – The Dancers, a la Larionov, another planet (don’t you find that Apollonov-P...

Kyiv Prices: from € 2414
Adzhyndzhal Akhra. Biography, exhibitions. Ukrainian painter, modern paintings
Akhra Adzhyndzhal Top artist
9 paintings

Akhra’s flowers are smelling of Abkhazia. He has been living in Kyiv for years now – but they keep smelling. Of that very Abkhazia – before the war, as we remember it. Got out at Sukhumi bus station and went crazy about aromas...

Kyiv Prices: from € 772
Bevza Petro. Biography, exhibitions. Ukrainian painter, modern paintings
Petro Bevza Top artist
5 paintings

A one-man band. An architect by training, he’s written film scripts, edited the first Ukrainian magazines on contemporary art, held Ukrainian-French meetings, built the first art objects/installations in Ukraine.

And painting, painting, ...

Kyiv region Prices: from € 2897
Beliusenko Oleksii. Biography, exhibitions. Ukrainian painter, modern paintings
Oleksii Beliusenko Top artist
13 paintings

The night sky over Kyiv by Beliusenko is the sky where Bulgakov’s Margarita used to fly. Kyiv is the city of Viy. The enchanting city.

The pines by Beliusenko are the pines Gokusai. Kyiv Tokaido – from Darnitsa to Svyatosh...

Kyiv Prices: from € 1159
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Adzhyndzhal Akhra. Biography, exhibitions. Ukrainian painter, modern paintings
Akhra Adzhyndzhal Top artist
9 paintings

Akhra’s flowers are smelling of Abkhazia. He has been living in Kyiv for years now – but they keep smelling. Of that very Abkhazia – before the war, as we remember it. Got out at Sukhumi bus station and went crazy about aromas, about colors – we simply have no such rich, deep, tannic colors.

Ahra must be dreaming of those flowers. And he paints not the flowers bought at Otradnensky market, but those from Sukhumi of his youth. He paints dreams – about being young and happy. Like Gauguin, who once sent his Tahitian dreams sailing to Europe, tired of its dullness.

His landscapes are even more magical – you just feel immersing into them. Abkhazia? Ukraine? The country where you were happy. However, there is a kind of mystery, something hidden behind the picture. Metaphysical landscapes – they have something “beyond the physics laws”.

Kyiv Prices: from € 772
Agasian Roman. Biography, exhibitions. Ukrainian painter, modern paintings
7 paintings

Roman Aghasyan is a real reformer of the still life genre, he radically changed its status in the genre palette of modern painting and renewed the place of the analytical approach of figurative composition as a part of modern art. His still lifes are strong, approved on a holistic mimetic concept of painting, based on a balanced and projection-based compositional system, juicy in color and stylistically recognizable. The object in the plane of the canvas acquires not only its reproductive character, but becomes a demonstrative element of the language of painting itself. The artist's attentive attitude to the texture, material, and internal logic of the structure of the painting composition gives the works completeness, integrity, and symbolic sound. Playing with the inner geometry of the canvas, nuanced color combinations, successful juxtaposition of planes and volumes form a whimsical mosaic of the genre, bringing the composition into the realm of polysemantic interpretation of the objective world, giving the figurative composition the weight it receives not only in a reproductive manner.

Kharkiv Prices: from € 1159
Aliokhina Anastasiia. Biography, exhibitions. Ukrainian painter, modern paintings
4 paintings

I work in modern techniques with oil paints.

My drawing style is based on the classical style. In the works, I sometimes paint in the style of "alla prima", in a quick creative manner of painting (from the Italian "in one go"), in some places I write with step-by-step layers-underdrawings, then the multi-layeredness of the work is visible.

Favorite genre is landscape.

When people ask why I became an artist, I have the following question: what was I supposed to become? This is what lives in me. For me, this is another world, into which I completely immerse myself when I work.

Kyiv Prices: from € 367
Apollonov Oleksii. Biography, exhibitions. Ukrainian painter, modern paintings
Oleksii Apollonov Top artist
3 paintings

Apollonov is Ukrainian Picasso. Just as unpredictable and as good – no matter what he does. Yesterday, it was the Crimean plein air, which took our breath away. Today – The Dancers, a la Larionov, another planet (don’t you find that Apollonov-Priduvalova couple resembles Larionov-Goncharova duet?).

The Dancers is our “Bachelorette” and all those girls with pumped lips. Primary and secondary, look, not enough of cars. Apollonov, paint a car!

The X-ray artist. Later, philosophers will come to reflect on “longreads” being no longer relevant. Indeed, those “rares” will soon be burned – see “Fahrenheit 451”. If Apollonov will survive – he will be taken to the museum.

Kyiv Prices: from € 2414
Bahatska Nataliia. Biography, exhibitions. Ukrainian painter, modern paintings
111 painting

I live in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Profession Artist. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
Material specialization: Acrylic painting
Repertoire: Objects, people, hyperrealism, photorealism, realism, semi-abstraction. Historical oil painting techniques embodied in acrylic.
Plots: Still life, nature, environment, people.
A little more about me.
I spend over 11 hours a day at my easel.
I can see at a glance whether the plot or composition will look on the canvas.
I know what global trends are, what prestigious galleries at Art Basel offer and what is trending for modern interiors.
And this is not fortune-telling. This is knowledge and experience!
Once I realized that making money on "Popular Subjects" is certainly good, but it is much more pleasant for me to give people not just beauty, but also originality, meanings, style, delight!
To create one picture, I take more than a hundred photographs in order to choose the best one.
But these efforts are more than justified by the Wow effect from the contemplation of the picture.
My first education and long practice was a fashion designer. Fashion and style is built-in. There are no exes in this case!
I myself earn and value money! And not only their own, but also their collectors. I confidently call myself a PROS in painting and constantly keep my knowledge in good shape and develop, develop, develop.
Artist's statement.
I share my surprise at nature in painting, based in large part on her experience in fashion and design. In every work I try to comprehend the world, to portray the subject more realistically than it really is. And I do not just draw a beautiful picture, but in my works I reflect. Inspired by pop culture, politics, icons and modern trends, the idea behind my work remains the same - to create simple and understandable messages delivered in a clean and visually satisfying manner. In my acrylics, I compete with the camera, trying to prove to myself that humans can compete with technology. I love hyperrealism because it's a very complex style and people like it.
I paint hyperrealism with acrylics because it's even harder than oils. Every time I start a new job, I think that it is impossible to do it. And every time at the end of the work I get pleasure - WOW I did it! ..

Kyiv Prices: from € 71
Belaschuk Tetiana. Biography, exhibitions. Ukrainian artist, modern paintings and sculptures
17 paintings, 9 sculptures

My art is about nature, reproduced in abstract forms. With my works, I try to show people's deep connection with the environment and meaningfully remind contemporaries of the need to cherish and preserve nature. Abstraction speaks for itself because it is what everyone wants to see. What it is about, what the artist has put in it, and the emotions behind it. Everything invested therein begins to come to life in people's perception of different experiences and habits. In this way, speaking about the general ideas of environmental protection,  I select various topics and thus activate different worldviews and memories in society.

For work, I often use slime, which is a unique material. In general, slime is a popular children's anti-stress hand toy. I added a new purpose to this viscous material, brought it to the art territory, and made it relevant with my author's technique. I also recycle paper and plastic using my special technology to create sculptures.

After all, we like to solve riddles instead of knowing the answers right away. Not only do I create paintings, but I also think about the environment and what I can potentially change. I am always looking for new artistic techniques, paying attention to plastic and paper processing and using these methods in my art. I found inspiration primarily in nature, and it is she who evokes in me those powerful reactions that make me feel ready to turn the world upside down.

My art is about encouraging people to sustainable development and protecting nature. We live in the Anthropocene, but this period should not be an ecological catastrophe. On the contrary, we can try to save land, air, and water from pollution, debris, and other human activities. Today, there are almost no landscapes left without anthropogenic impact. Civilisational garbage, an excess of electric light, and the noise of cities are everywhere. Traces and substances of industrial activities are everywhere. In my artworks, I discover alternative ways of mutually beneficial coexistence and intend to show others the importance of biological balance through natural diversity.

Rivne Region Prices: from € 121
Beliusenko Oleksii. Biography, exhibitions. Ukrainian painter, modern paintings
Oleksii Beliusenko Top artist
13 paintings

The night sky over Kyiv by Beliusenko is the sky where Bulgakov’s Margarita used to fly. Kyiv is the city of Viy. The enchanting city.

The pines by Beliusenko are the pines Gokusai. Kyiv Tokaido – from Darnitsa to Svyatoshino. Incredibly light, incredibly free – a couple of brushstrokes and the canvas begin to breathe. The Tao breath.

A little bit more of Crimea. How much have we drunk there, under the fabulous walls of the Genoese fortress in the Cozy-Zatyshny, where Beliusenko used to live! Streams of paint, through which emerges a rigid silhouette of the Sudak Bay – when he forms the space like a demiurge.

Demiurge also lectures on the art of the 20-21st centuries. About the art of the future. When the painting comes back again. Beliusenko has already started to pave the way.

Kyiv Prices: from € 1159
Betliiemska Liudmyla. Biography, exhibitions. Ukrainian sculptor, modern sculptures
4 sculptures

Ukrainian sculptro Liudmyla Betliiemska works in the field of easel sculpture.

Small-sized genres, animated compositions, portraits, embodied in bronze and wood, feature chamber character.

Kharkiv Prices: from € 1448

Ukrainian painters and sculptors

The current Ukrainian sphere of art and painting is rich in many names that are heard throughout and outside the country. KyivGallery will help you get to know them closer and consider the most inspiring stories. Here you can find a description of significant schools of Ukrainian painting, awards and titles of creators. For each author, KyivGallery prepared a full creative biography with a photograph, significant exhibitions, awards and titles, such as “Honored” or “Distinguished Artist of Ukraine”, “Honored Art Worker of Ukraine”. The biography also indicates whether the author is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine or a member of other art organizations. Each artist and sculptor has developed his own unique style over the years, recognizable techniques for working with materials, and exclusive authoring techniques.

Ukrainian schools of painting and artists of Ukraine

The uniqueness of each school depends on the characteristics of a particular area, on its history. Our gallery presents contemporary artists of all significant Ukrainian schools of painting. There are well-known representatives of the Kyiv school in KyivGallery – they are distinguished by national themes and drama. There are masters from Kharkiv, whose teachers were the founders of the Kharkiv school of painting. There are also strong representatives of Transcarpathian, Odessa, Lviv and Crimean schools of painting.

Kyiv school of painting

The Kyiv school of painting began its activity only in the last decades of the XXI century, when the industrial development of the city reached its climax. Historians note that already at the end of the 19th century Kyiv was formed as a graphic center with its own, which has no analogues, originality. Art education has reached a high level thanks to the activities of prominent persons and teachers of the Academy of Arts, famous artists of Ukraine: George Narbut, Mykola Boichuk, Alexandra Exter. Among the significant names, Oleksandr Murashko stands out, in 1913 he founded a private art studio. Since 1920, various creative associations and groups have gained popularity in Kyiv, exhibitions are becoming relevant. At that time, the direction of socialist realism prevailed – the USSR thwarted any attempts to go beyond the boundaries of this style. After the era of Stalinism, the authors again entered the arena, whose activities had previously been banned. Ukrainian impressionism, graphic and folk art, the spirit of freedom and the theme of village life flourish.

The pictures of representatives of the Kyiv school are distinguished from others by a powerful national base, a combination of innovation and professionalism. On the canvases you can see a lot of drama and alienation, abstractionism. Kyiv masters are able to display picturesqueness not only in painting. In priority, and color, and spots.

Kharkiv school of painting

In 1869, the first private art school was opened in Kharkiv – this moment is considered the birth of Kharkiv painting. Ancient traditions are preserved here, which are harmoniously combined with innovation. From 1919 to 1934, the avant-garde style reigned in Kharkiv – the exact opposite of the classics. Artists from the capital of the Ukrainian SSR went to study in Munich and Paris. This period is considered a point of progress in the cultural sphere. Creative personalities turned to such areas as constructivism, expressionism, impressionism, post-impressionism, modern, cubofuturism.

A distinctive feature of Kharkiv artists is that they are able to combine realism with unrealistic trends.

Transcarpathian school of painting

The Transcarpathian school has a special atmosphere in Europe – it borrowed many ideas from Paris of the 19th century. Transcarpathian authors more often than others received European education in Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Rome. Political independence left its mark in history – it was precisely this moment that provoked the development of individuality and originality in the field of creativity. Post-impressionism, expressionism, modernism, symbolism and realism are relevant here.

Distinctive features: painting in this region attracts attention with notes of folk art and centuries-old traditions. Positive attitudes and devotion to one’s beliefs are inherent. Artists of the Transcarpathian school are able to subtly convey the beauty of the surrounding nature of Transcarpathia in their paintings.

Lviv school of painting

The beginning of the birth of the Lviv school dates from the first half of the 20th century. An important role was played by the museum, which was opened by Andrey Sheptytsky – exhibitions and shows were regularly held here. Until 1930, Art Nouveau and avant-garde were in use. Artists from the Paris group had a significant influence on Lviv – most Lviv citizens also received education abroad.
Lviv specialists are distinguished from others by the individuality of the palette, color, colorfulness and originality with notes of Western Europe. After 1960, it was this region that became the central link in the field of artistic activity. Painters are based on the ideas of impressionism, post-impressionism, expressionism and surrealism. The paintings of the artists of the Lviv school are characterized by emotionality, love of life and respect for national traditions.

Odessa school of painting

A specific style is attributed to the Odessa school due to the geography of the region itself – painters borrowed ideas from both the East and the West. The ideology of cosmopolitanism is relevant. A special atmosphere reigns in Odessa – humor, kindness and marine themes are manifested in the painting. Painters often painted in the open air, which helps to accurately convey lighting, shadows and color palette. Odessa school is based on impressionism and the forefront. Thanks to the special southern flavor and respect for the traditions of the people, Odessa residents amaze with the ability to convey a sense of space and air.

Crimean school of painting

The formation of the Crimean school took place from 1940 to 1980. Impressionism and an epic style are characteristic. This region is distinguished by the ability to convey the spirit of heroism and exploits. In painting, the influence of other regions of Ukraine and Russia is noticeable. Peninsula artists prefer painting rather than drawing. The color spot dominates the lines. The French impressionists influenced Crimea – thanks to them, in the painting of the peninsula, one can notice the transfer not of images of the real world, but of feelings and impressions of it. The priority is saturated colors, sketch style and dimensional canvases.

Contemporary and emerging sculptors of Ukraine

In KyivGallery are collected sculptures of very creative young professionals, each of which has its own individual style. A large assortment is selected so that each of the connoisseurs will find "his" work of art for the soul.

Nazar Symotiuk is an innovative Ukrainian sculptor and artist who graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts in 2018. It uses a mounting dowel as the main working tool – in this way it achieves the effect of flickering and optical illusions in its work. Nazar teaches at the Department of Art Tree at LNAM and opens up new possibilities for wood. Decorative reliefs are displayed in styles such as pop art and Suprematism. The activity clearly shows abstractionism. Feelings are conveyed in geometric shapes with a colorful futuristic atmosphere.

Bohdan Korzh – member of the National Union of Artists since 1985. Boghan – laureate of the prize I. Bokshay and A. Erdeli in the nominations "sculpture" and "monumental art". The master surprises with his artworks in the genre of sculptural portraiture, creates small sculptures and medals. Uses clay, stone, bronze. The artworks of the author are impressive and make you think about the geometry of forms. Since 1982, the compositions of Bogdan have been presented at foreign exhibitions in Slovakia, Hungary, Egypt, the USA and other countries.

Anatolii Tsidilin over the past 15 years is considered a professional in the field of sculpture, whose work has long gone beyond Ukraine. The bronze exhibits of the master in the grotesque style surprisingly combine images of the real world and caricatures. The author uses hyperbolas and allegories, which clearly deserves attention.

Liudmila Betliemska – a sculptor from Kharkiv, in 1977 she graduated from KHKHU. Creates in the genre of easel sculpture. The exhibits are characterized by notes of psychologism, narration and metaphor. In the arsenal of Lyudmila is a variety of motifs and plots that can be viewed and examined for hours. Figurines and figurines inspire new ideas, push to plunge into the world of art. Composition satisfies everyone's plastic taste and aesthetic needs . Lyudmila's sculptures attract the eye and set the tone for the overall interior of the room.

National Union of Artists of Ukraine

Many authors whose works are presented on the KyivGallery website are part of the NSHU. This honorary title is not so easy to obtain, it artworks as a kind of guarantee of professionalism.

The National Union of Artists of Ukraine (NUAU) is a public organization for professional masters, which began its activities in 1938. Art critics also take part. The central task of the NSHU is to unite all creative personalities for the social protection of freedom and the rights of each member of the organization. NSHU regularly organizes exhibitions and shows without restrictions on genres, versatility is welcome. The material base of the community includes art enterprises, houses of creativity, exhibition sites, private workshops of members of the union of artists and the media.

Awards, titles, museum collections of paintings by contemporary artists

Often, artists and sculptors of Ukraine are not only members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, they also have a number of awards, prizes and important achievements. In the KyivGallery online gallery, we carefully select the best contemporary Ukrainian authors to fully represent the different trends of painting, styles, and techniques. With us you can plunge into the world of beauty and enjoy the artworks of Ukrainian talents of the 21st century.

The state award "People's Artist of Ukraine" is awarded to the master of art or monumental art for work that has received large-scale public and international recognition. The title is conferred by the president of Ukraine. The award can be received by a painter, sculptor or figure in the decorative and applied industries. During the award ceremony, the badge is made of gilded silver. Among the People's Artists of Ukraine on the KyivGallery website, it is worth highlighting Demtsiu Mykhailo.

The title “Honored Artist of Ukraine” is slightly lower in degree of honor; it is also given to representatives of art whose works of art receive domestic and foreign recognition. The sign is made of silver. Honored Artists of Ukraine represented in KyivGallery: Brazhnik Elena, Brenzovich Vasily, Kondratyuk Elena, Korzh-Radko Lyudmila, Movchan Vitaliy, Tokaruk Igor.

The status of “honored” and “national” also provides for the existence of certain material benefits and career growth for the artist or sculptor.

Another important award that a modern Ukrainian artist can receive is the honorary title “Honored Art Worker of Ukraine”, formerly “Honored Art Worker of the Ukrainian SSR”. The artists of our KyivGallery who were awarded this award: Mykhailo Demtsiu in 2003, Zhulinsky Nikolai, Boris Litovchenko.

It is worth mentioning the award "Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine" which is often awarded to sculptors and artists of Ukraine, as well as figures of folk art.

In recent years, modern Ukrainian artists have asked the country's authorities to cancel these titles, since the tradition of their extradition has been preserved in the country since the times of the USSR. Many European countries have long abandoned the practice of conferring titles, since the stipulated benefits impede the development of culture and art education. Holders of these ranks can, without appropriate academic knowledge and the defense of dissertations, receive the position of assistant professor or professor at a university.

In addition, the status and, accordingly, the prices of paintings and sculptures of authors in Ukraine are influenced by the presence of important personal, group exhibitions, international exhibitions. An important marker of the success of any artist is the presence of his paintings in the collections of Ukrainian and foreign museums, as museums set high standards for their collections, with careful selection by a group of professional curators and art historians.

How is the price of paintings and sculptures formed

Of course, the prices of paintings and sculptures by world famous Ukrainian artists and sculptors are quite high. The price tag is affected by such components:

  1. The quality of the sculpture or canvas. This factor includes the master’s main tools, as well as composition and shade parameters.
  2. The artistic value of the work, the cost of materials. This includes the "age" of the painting or sculpture, its participation in exhibitions, biennials in Ukraine and abroad.
  3. The author’s name, his popularity, membership in the National Artists Union, titles “Honored Artist of Ukraine”, “People's Artist of Ukraine”, “Honored Artist of Ukraine”.
  4. The technique of painting and creating sculptures, their genre, style, problems of work.
  5. The price of paintings and sculptures is influenced by the presence in the collections of the National Museums of Ukraine, confirmed prices at auctions of famous international auctions Christie's, Sotheby's, Phillips or in Ukrainian auction houses: Golden Section, Dukat.

Cost consists of such a large number of factors that it is impossible to deduce the exact pricing formula. Much depends not only on the talent of the creator, but also on his activity, “promotion” of his name.

Often the price tag increases by 15-20% after the next personal exhibition or entering into the exhibition catalog. Artists whose works are represented in our gallery constantly participate in numerous exhibitions, biennials – international creative festivals and competitions. Their sculptures and canvases are regularly auctioned. The selection of artworks in the KyivGallery gallery collection is carried out by professional art critics.