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Agasian Roman
Year of birth 1959
Place of birth Baku
Place of living and work Kharkiv
About myself and my artworks

Roman Aghasyan is a real reformer of the still life genre, he radically changed its status in the genre palette of modern painting and renewed the place of the analytical approach of figurative composition as a part of modern art. His still lifes are strong, approved on a holistic mimetic concept of painting, based on a balanced and projection-based compositional system, juicy in color and stylistically recognizable. The object in the plane of the canvas acquires not only its reproductive character, but becomes a demonstrative element of the language of painting itself. The artist's attentive attitude to the texture, material, and internal logic of the structure of the painting composition gives the works completeness, integrity, and symbolic sound. Playing with the inner geometry of the canvas, nuanced color combinations, successful juxtaposition of planes and volumes form a whimsical mosaic of the genre, bringing the composition into the realm of polysemantic interpretation of the objective world, giving the figurative composition the weight it receives not only in a reproductive manner.

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Author Information

Still life is Agasyan's favorite genre in recent years. In it, the artist demonstrates himself as an extraordinary interpreter of "dead nature", which in his performance acquires a vivid fullness of life and emotionality. Skillfully mastering the techniques of pasty painting, Aghasyan gives sonic juiciness to colors, reveals the fullness of forms, sensual texture of his favorite "characters": pomegranates, grapes, apples, ceramic, glass, metal utensils.

The transfer of mood is a leading task and its landscape compositions, in which the impressionistic lightness, mobility of the painting system does not violate the internal architecture of forms.

Interestingly, Roman Aghasyan does not focus on the reflection of modern or neo-modern - in his compositions finds its imprint and Cezanne, and Fauvist plastic play, and constructivist projection, and postmodern citation, and free stylization.

Meanwhile, it is here, in our own painting system, represented by the submitted works, that we see the prospects for the development of the genre of still life, landscape, portrait, their inter-genre connections, and painting itself, behind which there is an organic sense of color, composition and drawing. according to which - the original creative method.


1982 - 1984 - City secondary vocational school № 84 in Baku, qualification: artist-performer for painting advertisements.

1986 - 1991 - Kharkov Institute of Art and Industry, faculty: interior and equipment, qualification: artist of decorative arts

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

National Union of Artists of Ukraine

  • Works are in the main fund of the Kharkiv Art Museum. S.I. Vasilkovsky, in the Chuguev Art Museum and them. I.E. Repin.
  • The paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, in the countries of Europe, Asia and America.

Personal exhibitions:

2017 - gallery "MY GALLERY", Kharkiv

2013 - "Faces ... visible and ...", House of Nuremberg, Kharkov

2013 - "Still Life", Gallery of Contemporary Art "AS", Kharkov

2011 - Regional Philharmonic, Kharkiv

2010 - "Mood", Art Museum, Kharkov

2009 - "Colors of Life", Municipal Art Gallery, Kharkov

Collective exhibitions:

2019 - "PARADJANOV-FEST", Center for Creative Initiatives of the Kiev City Jewish Community, Kiev

2019 - Exhibition dedicated to the opening of the gallery named after G.I. Semiradsky, Pechenegi village, Kharkiv region

2019 - Exhibition for the 175th anniversary of I.E. Repin, House of Artists, Kharkiv

2019 - "East-West Together", National Palace of Arts, Lviv

2016 - "Fine Art from the ZACo Collection", Cultural Center "D, Auderghem", Brussels, Belgium

2014 - "Contemporary views on art", Cultural Center "La Villa", Brussels, Belgium

2011 - "Parajanov-Art", Sholem Aleichem Museum, Kiev

2007-2008 - "Blessing", Cultural Center of Ukraine, Magdeburg, Germany

2007 - "Blessing", Russian House of Science and Culture, Berlin, Germany

2006 - "100 Best Small Pictures", Lillian Berkeley Collection, "A Fine Art Gallery", Escondido, USA
2004 - "From Heart to Heart", National Museum, Lviv

2001 - "Unknown Russia 4", Museum of Russian Contemporary Art, Jersey City, USA

2001 - "Timeless Vision", "Inter Art Gallery", New York, USA

1988 - Art Museum "Regional Exhibition of Young Artists", Kharkov