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Art is all about emotions

Director of KyivGallery

Art never ceases to inspire, involve, and excite us. I experienced it all for the very first time in my early childhood. As a kid, I loved to paint. I can still smell the oil my dad worked with throughout the years. I clearly remember the clean and sharp lines of my mom's drawings. That's when it all started and eventually motivated me to create my site KyivGallery (KievGallery previously) in 2007.

We do most things mainly for ourselves. However, the brightest emotions are experienced by us only when we create something or give something away. My gallery is by no means a regular business. For me, my site is the source of the most positive experiences. It gives an excellent opportunity for all Ukrainian artists to promote and sell their artwork worldwide.

At the same time, my gallery has also become a unique life experience for me. I have made many friends among painters and sculptors thanks to the site. We often have mind-boggling discussions that help us reveal and understand their inner world and figure out what triggers their minds and generates their creative ideas. Till now, I have attended hundreds of workshops, exhibitions, and museums.

That's how most of us get familiar with the art, dive into it and fill up our existence with the fragility and freshness that art is so rich in. It allows us to feel what living right here and now really means. Observing the sensual tints and shades of the painting or pondering over the smooth and flowing lines of the sculpture, we keep discovering something new – something special and unique that we passed by and missed before.

KyivGallery will guide you through the generous world of art. Not only will it enrich you with deep feelings and emotions shared by Ukrainian artists, but it will also let you make your home more vibrant and cozy.

Roman Palii, founder of KyivGallery


We love art – Let’s get to know each other better

KyivGallery is Ukraine's leading online art gallery. The primary mission of our business is to assemble the most talented Ukrainian artists and introduce their creations to the world. Our website displays a great collection of works created by famous Ukrainian artists. We are happy to have pieces made by young authors as well. The gallery contains paintings, graphics, and sculptures. There are some of the most impressive and unique samples of contemporary art. You can choose from a whole spectrum of styles and genres. You are sure to find something special to make the interior stand out.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote Ukrainian art by offering exclusive creations to all art lovers and collectors, helping our customers create a unique atmosphere and providing their interiors with individuality and character, stimulating and motivating painters and sculptors to continue making the world a better and more beautiful place.

Our philosophy

We strive to create a new space that makes it easy and comfortable for all artists to promote their creations and for customers to purchase their favorite pieces.

We constantly search for exclusive artworks and never stop looking through the numerous pieces created by Ukrainian painters and sculptors. We know the authors whose works are displayed on the site. That allows us to choose and offer some of the best paintings and sculptures available on the market.

We are proud to introduce the traditions typical of Ukrainian paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Our team researches and promotes some of the most outstanding achievements in contemporary guidance and trade of artwork performed on a global scale. We improve people's lives and widen their horizons, trying to make Ukrainian art masterpieces available to customers worldwide. We are sure that our approach guarantees a reliable and trustworthy partnership with both our creators and customers.

We love art in general and Ukrainian art in particular. That motivated us to establish our online gallery where you gain a sensual experience and make a new sense of the old notions.

Our Values

Innovativeness. We develop new trends in the Ukrainian art market by adding some of the latest, brightest and most progressive art pieces. We keep on improving our site by making the search process more user-friendly.

Competitiveness. We never stop researching the work and activity of the leading international art centers, galleries, museums and auction houses. We exchange our best experiences in collaboration with artists and customers.

Customer-Oriented Strategy. Our online gallery aims to find the right balance between artists' and customers' interests. We do all possible to provide customers with the most positive experience while ordering and purchasing paintings and sculptures created by Ukrainian artists.

Trust, Reliability, and Response. We are dedicated to developing and improving our relationships with our colleagues, artists and customers. We want everybody to feel comfortable, safe and secure at all times, so everybody can achieve their full potential and find ultimate happiness in our environment.

Leadership. We work hard to make our site unique, creative and advanced. Our team is ready to invest time, patience and effort in maintaining and strengthening the leading position that our gallery currently holds. We would be happy to know that our project inspires other galleries and partners.

Integrity and Loyalty. Our reputation is based on our excellent communication skills and responsibility. We are always ready to compromise the needs of artists, customers and colleagues.

Professional Skills and Standards. Our staff members continue improving their professional skills. This includes spheres like trade, art guidance, and delivery services. We are focused on our abilities to make reasonable decisions and beneficial offers for all parties. Great attention is paid to productivity and quality.

Our story

War in Ukraine
Despite the war, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, we continued our work already in March. Thanks to support from all over the world, we set up a systematic shipment of paintings and sculptures. We transfer a significant part of the profit from the sale of artworks to the account of supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine for our joint victory in the war with the Russian invaders
Top artists of Ukraine
In 2021, we added world-famous and recognized contemporary artists of Ukraine to the list of authors with whom KyivGallery successfully cooperates: Akhra Adzhyndzhal, Oleksii Apollonov, Petro Bevza, Oleksii Beliusenko, Matvii Vaisberg, Borys Yeghiazaryan, Mykola Zhuravel, Petro Lebedynets, Oleksandr Levych, Oleksii Malykh, Olena Pryduvalova, Vladyslav Shereshevskyi. Thanks to the fruitful work of our art curators, added art pieces of art commune "Squat on Olehivska" are placed: Anatolii Varvarov, Ihor Konovalov, Serhii Kornievskyi, Volodymyr Padun, Eduard Potapenkov. Personal and group exhibitions abroad and in Ukraine by the authors of KyivGallery
Redesign. Increasing international sales
Conceptual understanding and bold update of the gallery design to create a wow effect and simplify the use of the site. Creating a visual impression of lightness, minimalism, conceptuality and modernity. Reorientation of work towards international buyers for a broader representation of Ukrainian artists on the international art scene
Catalog restructuring
A/B-testing the functionality of filters in the catalog of paintings and sculptures. Improved usability and general experience of using the gallery thanks to the new structure of the artist page, with separate pages for biographies, exhibitions, publications in art publications, awards, reviews of buyers and art critics
Complete rebranding and relaunch
Refusal to use Kiev in all gallery names in favor of Kyiv. The domain is changed. Redesign and complete re-do of each page. New team formation. New development strategies
2013 - 2017
Site redesign
New design, additional options for filtering paintings and sculptures, selecting frames, and adding new artists. Sold works of art passed the amount of 1000
2013 - 2017
Exhibition activity
We rented our own space, and we hold exhibitions, not only in it but also in the premises of restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and suburban complexes, popularizing our artists
2008 - 2012
Sale of 500 paintings and sculptures
In July 2012, we overstepped the quantity of 500 paintings and sculptures sold
2008 - 2012
Growth and recognition
At that time, it was challenging to add works of a high level to the site since only some people believed in the effectiveness of such a model of selling works of art. Despite this, we added more than 50 new authors to the site, gradually increasing the quality and quantity of artworks
Selling dolls
In the early years, we experimented a lot. During this period, we also sold dolls and planned to add photos, which we later abandoned. A first restart of the project, change of design
The beginning
On January 16, 2007, the site was created - the first Ukrainian online gallery KievGallery



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Phone Numbers

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