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How to start selling your artworks with KyivGallery. Registration of artists and sculptors

Ukraine's leading online art gallery KyivGallery invites talented contemporary Ukrainian artists and sculptors to cooperate. KyivGallery has been selling paintings and sculptures around the world for 13 years, daily investing in advertising and project promotion, helping hundreds of Ukrainian artists sell their artworks. our reputation is valuable for us and therefore we select new authors very carefully, maintaining a consistently high level of the paintings and sculptures in the gallery. Therefore, before applying, please read our requirements:

  • we cooperate only with Ukrainian artists
  • artworks must be located in Ukraine
  • author has a professional education
  • author is in the context: constantly in searching and developing new ideas, often participates in group and personal exhibitions, attends plein airs
  • we don't cooperate with intermediaries
  • only original works of art (neither copies nor printing on canvas or paper)
  • paintings and sculptures in perfect conditions
  • modern painting, graphics and sculpture (not antiques)
  • photos in good resolution
  • adequate market prices for the artworks
  • exclusive intellectual property rights to the works submitted by the author
  • completed form with photos of five artworks, to understand the level of the artist
  • we send full terms of cooperation only to those authors who have passed the preliminary selection.

All submitted applications will be examined within 1-2 working days. If we did not answer you, then for some reason your artworks did not suit us. We do not engage in professional criticism, so do not wait for feedback on your query. Also, we do not resell paintings from private collections, as we work exclusively with the authors of the submitted works of art.

By sending us an application, the author agrees that the submitted artworks may be published and part of the information may be open to the public. Meanwhile, all confidential information will be protected and will not be provided to third parties.