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Adzhyndzhal Akhra Top artist
Year of birth 1962
Place of birth Kutol, Abkhaz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
Place of living and work Kyiv
About myself and my artworks

Akhra’s flowers are smelling of Abkhazia. He has been living in Kyiv for years now – but they keep smelling. Of that very Abkhazia – before the war, as we remember it. Got out at Sukhumi bus station and went crazy about aromas, about colors – we simply have no such rich, deep, tannic colors.

Ahra must be dreaming of those flowers. And he paints not the flowers bought at Otradnensky market, but those from Sukhumi of his youth. He paints dreams – about being young and happy. Like Gauguin, who once sent his Tahitian dreams sailing to Europe, tired of its dullness.

His landscapes are even more magical – you just feel immersing into them. Abkhazia? Ukraine? The country where you were happy. However, there is a kind of mystery, something hidden behind the picture. Metaphysical landscapes – they have something “beyond the physics laws”.

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1982 - Sukhum Art School

1982-1987 - Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Art History, Faculty of History

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

"Blue October"


2019 - personal, "Inner Landscape" CSM "White World", Kyiv

2018 - personal, "A few words about silence" Master Class, Kyiv

2017 - personal, "Invasion" French Institute in Ukraine, Kyiv

2016 - personal, "Simple Secret" Gallery "Triptych Art", Kyiv

2014 - personal, "Quiet Shore" Gallery "Triptych Art", Kyiv

2012 - personal, Russian Auction House, Moscow, Russia

2011 - personal, «PhotoStudio Gallery», Kyiv

2009 - personal, Tadzio Gallery, Kyiv

2007 - personal, Tadzio Gallery, Kyiv

2004 - personal, UN Office in Ukraine, Kyiv

2003 - personal, Shazin Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2002 - "The day that lasts" is personal. Gallery 36, Kyiv

2002 - "Over the city. Joy "with B. Egiazaryan, Art Center on the Church

2002 - "Drafts of Time" with M. Weisberg. RA Gallery Kyiv

2001 - personal exhibitions, Gallery R, ​​Kyiv

2001 - group, Gallery Doktorhaus Oberdessbach, Switzerland

2000 - personal. American Medical Center, Kyiv

2000 - personal exhibitions, RA Gallery, Kyiv

1998 - personal, "Kardasidis Art" Athens, Greece

1997 - personal, "Kardasidis Art" Athens, Greece

1996 - personal, "Kardasidis Art" Athens, Greece

1995 - personal, House of Writers, Kyiv

1995 - group, "Graphic World", Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv

1994 - personal, "Mramtsa", RA Gallery, Kyiv