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Graphic artworks of Ildan Iakhin Yelizaveta Ivanova, liza.a.******* 18/10/2022

We really admire your work. I could look at it forever and discover new details and new meaning. We are from Odessa, we live in New York, but our hearts are with Ukraine. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us. Glory to Ukraine!

I am delighted! Irina, bozho***** 27/10/2021

Great gallery, very fast delivery. I also want to express my deep gratitude to Oleg Lunev for his artwork. I am sure this is not your last painting, which will be a great part of my house and make me happy every day! It was incredibly pleasant to receive the purchase personally from the hands of the author. Thanks!

Very happy with my painting! Zoltan Larcher, Denmark, zol*** 25/06/2020

Today I received my painting from KyivGallery and I am absolutely delighted. As other art collectors also stated in their reviews: it looks much better than in the pictures on the website. The moment I could look at it after unwrapping, I knew I made a great pick from the catalog. Thank you

All-around 5 stars art buying experience Susan Fletcher, Ferryhill, United Kingdom, susan***** 03/11/2019

An all-round excellent purchasing experience from this seller. Really good communication at every stage, dispatch was speedy and the painting was very well packaged. I’d be delighted to buy artworks from KyivGallery again in the future.

I am delighted! Daria Dobriakova, Ukraine, dob*** 19/10/2018

I like the updated site very much! How great are artists and paintings! And the fact that here you can find many masters of a high professional level, speaks of the highest skills and professionalism of the creators of the site "KyivGallery"!

Quality Ukrainian art Alex Clark, Texas, USA, doWng***** 06/09/2018

There are so many wonderful artists offering their artworks through KyivGallery it's almost impossible not to find something you’ll like. So if you love art, you will love KG.

Great Raquel Mendez, Argentina, raqel***** 05/09/2018

Great choice, great service great paintings.

Talented Ukrainian artists Jane Ward, Adelaide, Australia, jafli***** 06/09/2018

KyivGallery is full of talented artists who create such excellent paintings. There are pieces of art at varying prices to suit all tastes. I have been very pleased with my purchases.

I bought several paintings for myself and for a gift Oleg Spivachuk, Kyiv, Ukraine, memo**** 06/09/2018

A wonderful way to support artists and purchase original art piece at reasonable costs.

Excellent choice and fast delivery James Myers, London, UK, mcmy**** 06/09/2018

I had fantastic experience buying a painting. The manager of KG was very fast in the exchange of messages, and I received my ordered painting by Elena Sachenko in 15 days. I would recommend this site because of accurate photos of the paintings, clearly stated dimensions and excellent choice.

Excellent source of original artworks Liza and George, New York, USA, gor19***** 06/09/2018

Well structured online art gallery for finding a specific painting. We wanted to buy an artwork from Eastern Europe because our friends recommended us to find an artist from this region. That's how we found KyivGallery. Other sites with Ukrainian art have bad structure and we needed too much time to find something that we would like to buy. KG is focused on professional artworks and provides filters that helped us easily to find lovely abstract art that we was looking for. Keep working guys!

I really love online art gallery KyivGallery! Julia, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Yulwa***** 28/07/2018

I like the simplicity and convenience of design and colorful works of art that are selling here have full information. It's great that you can find a frame on the site and see how it will look in the complex! To search for a painting there are convenient filters: genre, size, price, material and medium. Also I was pleased with the prices.

For corporate gifts Taras, Donetsk, Ukraine, tarik***** 28/07/2018

I've found KyivGallery long time ago in 2011 (KievGallery at that time). I buy paintings for corporate gifts and always ahve only positive impressions. They help to choose an interesting artwork according to my wishes and within the budget. Thank you!