Black and white harmony

54 paintings
Peer into the depths and touch your “yin” with mostly black and white works of art.

Flowers for International Women's Day

125 paintings
In spring, we especially want to give all the flowers of the earth to the most graceful, quivering and delicate audience - women. For them beloved people prepare surprises, balloons and sonorous fanfare for International Women's Day. On this day, the birds sing louder, the sun shines warmer and brighter, the heart beats faster from love. Therefore, many families gather around a noisy table in order not only to meet the beginning of the spring, but to utter their touching and cherished wishes in honor of Mother, Daughter, Spouse or Sister. On this day of love, smiles and beauty, all women are beautiful. Each of them is worthy of magnificent bouquet of fragrant tulips, roses or snowdrops and exclusive masterpiece from the collection "Flowers for International Women's Day". Such a surprise will be remembered for a long time, because it is a great way to decorate the interior, bring a touch of originality to the room and say “I love you” without any word. The riot of colorful palettes, the ease of the brush, the skill and emotions of the artist transform into incredible floral arrangements that seem to come alive on the canvas.

New Year and Christmas

65 paintings
Winter confidently conquers the space. A gentle palette of different shades outside the window mixes with the purity of fresh, frosty air and fills the soul with anticipation of festive fun. The days warmed by the sun are fewer and unlimited joy is more day by day. Long preparation for the New Year and Christmas ends with traditional celebrations and several generations of the family gathered at the table. Elegant Christmas tree, exquisite compositions on the console table, a Christmas wreath on the door - each element decorates the house, filling it with coziness and charm. Classical table setting with coniferous bouquets in miniature vases, snow-white crockery and family silver indicates the good taste of the owners. In amazing melodies that fill the space jingle bells guessed. The artwork with a winter landscape from the collection “New Year and Christmas”, which took pride of place over the fireplace, gives a special solemnity to the festive entourage. There are gifts and souvenirs below that fulfill the most cherished desires of all guests and make them believe in a happy ending of a fairy tale.


38 paintings
A beautiful seascape has the ability to send us to the coast and imbue the home with subtlety, simplicity and tranquility. View our curated collection of contemporary seascapes in beautiful tranquil hues. Drift away and smell that sea air!

Kyiv landscapes

67 paintings
There is something that a person can only see from someone's point of view. Admire something what someone else loves. To look in a new way at familiar things... Green cool of parks, old streets, old people on benches, children splashing with water at fountains or warmth of glowing winter windows is Kyiv, through the eyes of creative people, through the eyes of artists, and that's all here.

Hello, SUMMER!

52 paintings
30+5 things you have time to do this summer! Sit down at the fountain, lie on the beach, listen to the sea noise in the shell, prepare a lemonade, play beach volleyball, meet the dawn, enjoy the sunset, swim in the boat, go barefoot in the sand, enjoy art, go to the country house for friends, from skipping into water, dining with apricots, lying under the starry sky, falling asleep in a hammock, swim in the night sea, giving time only for yourself, have dinner with candles, learn how to swim, ride a swing, try a new meal, collect a bouquet of wild flowers, sing songs with a guitar around the fire, go on a small trip, read a new book, pick up the berries in the forest, have breakfast on the balcony, walk around Under the shower, taste the exotic fruits, ride a bike, go to the amusement park, walk around the night city ... If you do not have time to do anything from your list of things, get to the point faster!


55 paintings
Adjusted geometry and skillful combination of complex shades — here we collected paintings of painters who skillfully fit geometric figures into their artworks.
We offer curated selection of paintings and sculpture that are divided into collections