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Thematic collections of Ukrainian paintings and sculptures

Words of love

What a wonderful occasion to once again say about love! But love has a strange property: it is difficult to express it in words. But she can raise to the skies and make you do the most crazy things. And what a blessing that there is someone who can help us convey all the magic of love with color, impression and emotion!

Collection of paintings «Words of love»
Squat on Olehivska Street: unread page

A group of fellow citizen, united by studying at the Dnipropetrovsk Art School and the National Academy of Arts (NAOMA), in the artistic space of Ukraine at the beginning of the XXI century represent the art-commune "Squat on Olehivska Street". The history of this society, created in the early 90s, represents the dynamic development of the author's artistic concept in the context of national art at the turn of the century.

Special project «Squat on Olehivska Street: unread page»
Ukrainian art 2021. Creme de la creme

Artists: Akhra Adzhyndzhal, Oleksii Apollonov, Petro Bevza, Oleksii Beliusenko, Matvii Vaisberg, Borys Yeghiazaryan, Mykola Zhuravel, Petro Lebedynets, Oleksandr Levych, Oleksii Malykh, Olena Pryduvalova, Vladyslav Shereshevskyi

Special project «Ukrainian art 2021. Creme de la creme»
Kyiv. Watercolor

Kyiv - the capital of Ukrainian watercolor The tenderness and radiance of watercolor paints gives landscapes and still lifes a special charm. With their help, artists manage to find unexpected coloristic combinations that can breathe life into boring panoramas, and speak with the audience the language of emotions. Historically, in Kyiv, the watercolor technique developed more actively than in other cities of Ukraine. Talented artists from all over the country flocked here. In Kyiv, one could find not only generous customers, but also inspiration. Monumental architecture, picturesque streets and parks - all this created a favorable atmosphere for creativity.

Collection of paintings «Kyiv. Watercolor»
Peonies. Peony paintings

Original paintings with peonies of contemporary Ukrainian artists

Collection of paintings «Peonies. Peony paintings»
Ships. Sailing vessels. Boats. Yachts

Seascapes with ships. Piers with boats. Quiet harbors with yachts. Sailboat racing. Painting and graphics of ships by contemporary and emerging Ukrainian artists

Collection of paintings «Ships. Sailing vessels. Boats. Yachts»
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