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KyivGallery gift card

Sometimes it is difficult to choose a gift for relatives, friends or colleagues, but there is very simple solution - gift certificate that will be a good idea for any holiday.

It is impossible to make a mistake with such a gift, therefore presenting gift certificate you give the joy of choosing exactly the painting that a person has long wanted to purchase. Our online gallery contains more than 3,500 pieces of art by Ukrainian contemporary artists, the number of which is constantly growing, so with a gift certificate it will be easy to find a wonderful gift.

Not every painting or sculpture that you like will fit well into the interior of the house or office of the person to whom you want to present it, therefore, by giving a certificate from KyivGallery you express concern for the preferences and tastes of the person who knows which particular art object is necessary for him or her.

KyivGallery gift card. Gift certificate

When KyivGallery gift certificate is a good idea?

  • you are looking for an original and special gift that is suitable for any holiday: Birthday, New Year, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, March 8, Name day;
  • you want to make a gift that will give a good mood to a person for many years;
  • you are not sure which particular painting or sculpture a person likes;
  • you don’t have enough time to choose a good painting or sculpture yourself;
  • you don’t want to spend hours wandering around the malls in search of a gift;
  • you want to make a gift that he /she will like 100%, and not get a tight smile instead of thanks;
  • you want to give a person the opportunity to choose a gift;
  • you know for sure that a person wants painting, but it is too expensive and gift certificate will allow you to compensate a part of the cost;
  • you want to make perfect gift with friends or colleagues, but you can’t decide which one it will be;
  • you need a lot of gifts of the same or, conversely, different value, for a corporate holiday.

What does a gift certificate look like?

KyivGallery gift certificate is a card with a specified value or without it. On the front side of the gift certificate, general information is indicated, and on the back - short instructions for its use.

How to use a certificate? Certificate usage rules

  • after choosing a painting or sculpture that you like, you need to click the Buy button, go to the basket, fill in all the necessary general information, and add a gift certificate code in the Coupon code field, click Apply and confirm the order;
  • you can make an order by phone by specifying a gift certificate code;
  • gift certificate can be used only during the period of validity indicated in it;
  • gift certificate is not restored if you lose it;
  • certificate that you already used must be given to the courier upon receipt of the order;
  • you can purchase paintings and sculptures for the entire amount of the certificate, the balance, if any, will not be returned. When buying a large amount, you will need to pay the difference (this can be done with an additional certificate, cash or other available payment methods)
  • delivery or gift wrapping is not included in the price of the certificate and is paid additionally (delivery in Kyiv is free, Delivery);
  • gift certificate can be used only once;
  • one certificate can pay for one order, but in one order there can be more than one item;
  • validity of the gift certificate applies to goods with discounts, but cannot be combined with other promotion codes.

Additional questions

  1. Is it possible to order KyivGallery certificates as a corporate gift?
    Yes, we can print exclusive KyivGallery gift certificates of any value, expiration date, circulation, using corporate style.
  2. How to make a gift to a person who lives in another city?
    To do this, you need to order the delivery of a gift certificate by courier service at a specific date and time.
  3. Certificate expiration date?
    The validity of the gift certificate is one year, unless otherwise indicated on it.
  4. Can I return a gift?
    A refund is possible to the buyer of the gift certificate within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Make a perfect gift that will bring a lot of positive emotions together with KyivGallery!