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Belaschuk Tetiana
Year of birth 1998
Place of birth Rivne
Place of living and work Rivne
About myself and my artworks

My art is about nature, reproduced in abstract forms. With my works, I try to show people's deep connection with the environment and meaningfully remind contemporaries of the need to cherish and preserve nature. Abstraction speaks for itself because it is what everyone wants to see. What it is about, what the artist has put in it, and the emotions behind it. Everything invested therein begins to come to life in people's perception of different experiences and habits. In this way, speaking about the general ideas of environmental protection,  I select various topics and thus activate different worldviews and memories in society.

For work, I often use slime, which is a unique material. In general, slime is a popular children's anti-stress hand toy. I added a new purpose to this viscous material, brought it to the art territory, and made it relevant with my author's technique. I also recycle paper and plastic using my special technology to create sculptures.

After all, we like to solve riddles instead of knowing the answers right away. Not only do I create paintings, but I also think about the environment and what I can potentially change. I am always looking for new artistic techniques, paying attention to plastic and paper processing and using these methods in my art. I found inspiration primarily in nature, and it is she who evokes in me those powerful reactions that make me feel ready to turn the world upside down.

My art is about encouraging people to sustainable development and protecting nature. We live in the Anthropocene, but this period should not be an ecological catastrophe. On the contrary, we can try to save land, air, and water from pollution, debris, and other human activities. Today, there are almost no landscapes left without anthropogenic impact. Civilisational garbage, an excess of electric light, and the noise of cities are everywhere. Traces and substances of industrial activities are everywhere. In my artworks, I discover alternative ways of mutually beneficial coexistence and intend to show others the importance of biological balance through natural diversity.

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Author Information

Tanbelia is a Ukrainian artist working with the subjects of nature and environment. In her work, she uses the author's techniques and reused materials to create her unique art object



2013 - 2017 - Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after Ivan Trush

2017 - 2019 - Lviv National Academy of Arts

2019 - 2021 - Lutsk National Technical University

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

Bukovinian Watercolor Association


Artworks are in collections in Ukraine, Japan, Spain, the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Russia.



2021: The Next Generation. Interview for a Vacant museum.
2021: Interview for a Muscadine magazine.

2021: Okay Cool Magazine. Zine issue "The origin of our ideas".

2020: CURIOUS Magazine Vol.3 No.1 The Womxn's Issue


Personal exhibitions:

2017: House of Culture - Zdolbuniv, Ukraine.

2016: Technological College of Lviv Polytechnic National University - Lviv, Ukraine.

2015: "Volyn etudes" in Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts named of Ivan Trush - Lviv, Ukraine.


Group exhibitions:

2022: I HeART Connections, Community Art Show - USA-based.

2022: BWA Watercolor exhibition, cultural center Vernissage - Chernivtsy, Ukraine.

2022: 'The touch of the watercolor', Rivne library - Rivne, Ukraine.

2021: WMA "Człowiek! Tu byłem!" (Human was here), online exhibition - Poland-based.

2021: Quarantine zin №1 from Ksi Prostir - Ukraine, online.

2021: BWA Watercolor exhibition, cultural center Vernissage - Chernivtsy, Ukraine.

2021: 'The touch of the watercolor', Rivne library - Rivne, Ukraine.

2021: The Beginning, Aetitud online gallery - Poland.

2020: All-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition - Kyiv, Ukraine.

2020: Creative project-competition "ARTNOVA" - In the land of gray pearls - Kremenchuk, Ukraine.
2020: International art project Art Axis, Lviv Historical museum - Lviv, Ukraine.
2020: International exhibition of visual art - Artheme gallery - online.
2020: All-Ukrainian exhibition "Magic colors of the Dnipro" - Dnipro, Ukraine.
2020: International Exhibition of Watercolors "Sea of Watercolors”, Odesa Museum West and Eastern Art - Odesa, Ukraine.
2020: International watercolor art competition «Step by Step» - Poland.
2020: 1st Baku International Watercolor festival "Caspian waves", Khatai Art Center - Baku, Azerbaijan.
2020: International small format festival «Mini Castra» - Ajdovsina, Slovenia.
2019: All-Ukrainian exhibition of abstract painting - Kyiv, Ukraine.
2018: Exhibition "A4 Ballpoint Pen" Karas Gallery - Kyiv, Ukraine.
2016: "Energy of ability" - Lviv, Ukraine.
2013: International Drawing Festival - Zabrze, Poland.

Art fairs:

2021: Art Fair in Luxembourg, Van Gogh Gallery, Spain - Luxembourg.

Plein airs:

2020: Respublica fest, Ukraine.
2016: Plein air devoted to the preservation of Ukraine's architectural masterpieces, namely the Church of the Holy Trinity - Lviv, Ukraine.
2015: Plein air devoted to the preservation of Ukraine's architectural masterpieces, namely the Pomoryan castle - Lviv, Ukraine.