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Paintings with flowers, botanical subject (698)

Still life with flowers will decorate any interior

Still life paintings with flowers were painted by many famous artists, from those who worked several centuries ago to modern masters. For the most part, such works are intended for interior decoration. Paintings with beautiful and elegant colors always look advantageous in a variety of rooms, whether it is a living room, study, dining room or library, they will be the perfect solution for decorating rooms at home or office interiors, unobtrusively fit into the design of the accommodation.

The history of the botanical still life itself began in Holland in the 40s of the 17th century. Dutch painters painted flowers and objects as symbols implying the hidden meaning into the artwork. After several decades, beautiful paintings with flowers advanced to the next stage - the stage of luxurious still lifes. Many residents had estates with gardens, houses with cozy courtyards, so fruits and flowers were an integral part of their life. Based on these premises, magnificent paintings began to appear, the demand for which was growing. It was common for Dutch residents to buy painting with flowers, because almost everyone had tulips, then the country was experiencing a truly tulip fever. Until now, flowers in the paintings of famous artists, painted several centuries ago, delight visitors of museums and galleries.

When you see beautiful paintings with flowers, you get the idea that they were cut at the same time so that the artist could transfer their charm and colorfulness on the canvas. However, looking closely, it becomes clear that in the painting there are flowers growing at different times. Yes, the master painted them with gouache or watercolor from nature, during flowering, apparently with different lighting and angles; then, collecting them in one still life, he created his masterpiece - a beautiful painting with flowers of different seasons.

Features of Ukrainian flower still life

The Ukrainian still life to some extent was formed under the influence of the Russian school of painting, but at the same time stood out for its national features.
The traditional flower still life in Ukraine was characterized by realistic images, authentic color, soft forms. As a rule, the paintings were not performed in too dark or too light shades - the balance was especially appreciated.

The plots fully reflected the national realities. Often depicted traditional poppies, daisies, cornflowers, lovage, aster, sunflowers. They could occupy both the main role and serve as a complement to the image of other objects, which also had special significance.

Often, warm colors prevailed in the works, creating a sense of coziness and comfort. Images in cold shades were necessarily diluted with elements of the opposite color scheme. The atmosphere was complemented by traditional painted dishes, national towels - rushniki, and national dishes. Some canvases look staged, others capture everyday moments.

Characteristic features of Ukrainian contemporary paintings with flowers

Contemporary artworks by emerging artists are characterized by fragmentation and fewer similar features. In the middle of the 20th century, authors departed from realism and showed themselves in abstractionism, impressionism and post-impressionism. Colors become more vibrant, plots and images less perceptible. Minimalism is also gaining popularity. The background and details are practically not worked out, the main attention of the viewer is attracted to the central objects.

Despite this trend, a large number of followers of the traditional genre remain in contemporary art. In this industry, much has remained unchanged, but the tones have become brighter and clearer, the contrast between warm and cold, dark and light has intensified. Such features have given contemporary art more dynamism, which vividly reflects today's realities.

Where to buy paintings with flowers of Ukrainian artists

Paintings of flowers were and are now one of the most popular areas of painting. You can buy still life with a variety of plants in galleries, in online stores or at auctions. In our gallery, they are also very widely represented in different genres, styles, materials of execution: flowers by oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel.

Still life with plants amaze with magnificent beauty, the greatest variety of shapes and colors, a vibrant play of light and shadow. The painters strove for the most complete transmission of the splendor and grace of each bud, because the paintings with flowers were destined to become a truly vivid genre. It should be noted that in the paintings of modern and emerging artists, flowers are also a frequent theme of works.

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