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Paintings in animalism subject (294)

Animalism / Animals

In the Renaissance, in the XVII-XVIII centuries, artists tried to draw animals and birds from nature, which was rather difficult for them, since you cannot explain to four-legged friends that you need to sit quietly for several hours without movement. Despite this, animal paintings were popular, and the genre developed at a rapid pace. The direction has spread throughout Europe. In the genre of animals, Rembrandt, Rubens and even Leonardo da Vinci created.

In the XIX-XX centuries, animalism did not stand still, but somewhat altered. In paintings, explicit romanticism ceased to be traced, and realism came to the fore. Masters began to depict animals and birds anatomically correctly, starting with color and ending with subtle habits. Over time, the movement became hyper-realistic, even a little reached excesses, as each artist sought to draw the smallest and most insignificant details, without which the work would not lose its meaning. Nevertheless, the history of the genre can be traced in such nuances.

If you want to buy a painting with animals, look at the thematic section of our KyivGallery art gallery called "Animalism". It presents works by contemporary and well-known Ukrainian artists depicting animals, as well as birds or fish.

What is the difference between paintings with animals?

Animals are presented in many styles:

  • realism;
  • academicism;
  • fantasy;
  • symbolism;
  • abstract art and others.

Most often, paintings of animals are painted with oil. So did the masters of the past, this technique is not neglected and contemporaries. Although today pet and wild fauna depict pastels, watercolors, batik paint, polymer clay molding, or stained glass. The technician is quite numerous, each of them allows to show in its own way the characteristic features of an animal.

How to choose an animalistic painting as a gift?

Animal paintings are a great idea for a gift. When choosing, note how the author depicts the animal:

  1. with real grace and natural habits or in a decorative and artistic way;
  2. which uses paints: bright or more muted, bleached;
  3. in which pose the animal is displayed: calm, expectant, frozen, in a running jump;
  4. how many animals in the painting: one, a couple or a flock.

By answering these questions, it will be easier for you to make your choice. After all, for the child you need to choose paintings of animals of kind, artistically decorated, painted with bright colors. For a couple, the image of a pair of animals - swans, wolves, lions - will be more appropriate. For a working environment, preference should be given to a predator hiding in an ambush or an attack, and for the bedroom to choose paintings of animals calm and relaxed.

For a note. For a room in which children are engaged, a painting is well suited, in the storyline of which are animals with characteristic features of people, their habits and experiences. For example, kittens learn to write while sitting at a student desk.

How to choose a painting with animal for interior design?

To buy paintings with animals that will fit into a particular interior, you must consider their features:

  1. For living room in classic, ecological, ethnic style suitable large horizontal paintings of wild animals, depicted in the natural habitat. For example, African elephants on watering holes, lions resting in the shade of trees galloping on the prairie mustangs.
  2. Animals paintings with graceful cats (wild and domestic) will fit well into the women's bedroom setting. By the way, such painting can be an original idea for a gift to a girlfriend or colleague.
  3. Wildlife images fit well into the public interior. They actively decorate office space, dining areas, libraries and other public places.

We offer you to buy paintings with animals at the KyivGallery online gallery. This option will allow you to get acquainted with the list of works at a convenient time and save your budget.