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Paintings on canvas (2946)

Paintings on canvas

If you are looking for an original gift or were dreamed of bringing something new to the interior, then a painting on canvas is the best solution. You can use artworks on canvas to decorate:

  • office and residential premises;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • shopping centers;
  • government agencies;
  • exhibition halls.

Our gallery "KyivGallery" offers to get acquainted with a wide range of artworks. When choosing, we recommend that you pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Color and style. Abstraction, painting, modernism, animals, nature, city landscapes or pop art: there are no borders, it all depends on your wishes.
  2. The shape. One of the popular types, besides standard rectangles, squares and circles, are diptych, triptych, polyptych, the so-called modular canvases consisting of two, three or more segments. The picture moves from one element to another, recreating a complete image.
  3. The size of the canvas, like the frame, can be very different.

Types and advantages of art canvases

The modern market offers a variety of canvases: on a stretcher, on cardboard or in a roll. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Today, not every artist will manually engage in the preparation of a canvas for an oil or acrylic painting, because manufacturers offer already prepared canvases with a superimposed layer of primer. This is a plus: in factories the primer is applied evenly, impregnations or thickenings are excluded. The base for work has the following characteristics:

  • type and structure of the fabric base;
  • manufacturing options;
  • weight and density, which are usually marked on the labels.

The canvas has such disadvantages as sensitivity to external influences, susceptibility to deformations and temperature changes. That is why modern artists should pay special attention to the choice of material, its strength and resistance to various impacts, so that the fine art does not lose quality over time and does not crack.

There is also a different degree of granularity of the primer for the canvas: fine grain, medium and large. This characteristic is selected depending on what kind of painting on canvas the painter wants to create.

Art stores offer hemp, jute or severe canvases. The hemp base is made from hemp stems, it stands out in a greenish, brown or grayish tint, and its strength is similar to linen. The canvas made of yellow jute is notable for its low gloss, it is often deformed and is not recognized by professional Ukrainian artists. The severe canvases are made of short technical fiber, they are not particularly durable and are not often used in professional painting. After proper stretching and a thick layer of primer, severe canvases can provide an interesting texture for the painting.
The most popular are canvases made of cotton, linen (flax) or synthetics. If you want you can choose a combined option. Most often is combined linen with cotton or cotton with synthetics.

The advantages of paintings on canvas are:

  1. A bright image with textured paints, unlike printing on canvas, original paintings look many times better.
  2. Natural, resistant materials.
  3. Dense and durable museum quality base.

How to buy painting on canvas

If you decide to buy a painting, here you will find many artworks that can create comfort and harmony within any home. On the site you can find out the cost, research all details of every painting.

  1. As a universal gift for any event. Perhaps it will join the collection of art lovers or those who love beautiful elements in the interior. Beloved person, friend, relative or colleague - the choice will depend on the tastes of your loved ones.
  2. As an object for inspiration and aesthetic enjoyment. The drawing subtly conveys the artist’s intention, and the pronounced structure of the canvas adds expressiveness.
  3. In the halls of restaurants, shopping centers, offices of private - and not only - companies. The canvas will be able to emphasize the individuality of each room.

At our experts, you can not only find out the price, but also receive services such as:

  • professional advice from an art critic or designer;
  • additional photos of your chosen fine art paintings on canvas;
  • terms of delivery to your city in Ukraine or to a country abroad;
  • available payment methods and returning policy of purchased paintings.

You can be sure that you will receive not only a high-quality consultation, but also an order that will fully meet your request!