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Paintings in food and beverage subject (251)

Food still life – positive emotions at the table

Paintings with food are popular among artists and art lovers. Still life with vegetables and fruits, fish and game, decanters of wine and various spices, a picnic on a green meadow - many painters have these artworks. Paintings with food are in steady demand, because nothing better than painting with various food and exquisite dishes decorates the interior of dining room or kitchen.

In ancient times, when it was difficult with food in European countries, the paintings of food emphasized the status of home owners, while preserving the values ​​of the past era for us. Over time, food still lifes became a separate direction and subject of art. It is safe to say: paintings with food are classics, which have not lost their relevance today.

Painters, working on still lifes with food, give paramount attention to the combination of objects, their configuration, texture of objects, color tones and semitones, light and shadow. It happens, the master uses innuendo, hints inherent in symbolism, depicting food. However, the paintings with food quite fully reflect the life of a particular class, the prevailing tastes of people of the relevant time and country.

Appetizing cuts of meat, juicy bright fruit and vegetables, delicious game, fragrant fish – all this food radiates positive emotions, increases appetite, creates right mood and atmosphere; therefore, paintings with food are more than appropriate in dining room, kitchen of private house or apartment, and also on the walls of cafes, bars, and restaurants.

In our gallery there are many food still lifes in oil, gouache and watercolors. Looking through our collection, you surely find a food still life that matches both your taste and design of the room where it will be, creating a good mood for all family and guests.