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Paintings in expressionistic style (769)

Expressionism paintings

The vigor and richness of the paints, the noticeable contrasting colors, the deformed objects and the people - that, above all, distinguishes expressionism from other styles of painting. It is believed that it originated in Northern Europe before the outbreak of World War I. The economic and social decline, the feeling of something terrible and dangerous, were fully reflected in the artworks of the time. In a sense, expressionist-style paintings have become artists' reaction not only to dead and rigorous classical art, but also to the optimistic portrayal of the world by impressionists.

Expressionism in painting and art

Painting in this style does not reflect reality as it is. Its purpose is to show the feelings and moods of the artist. Therefore, when you look at the artwork of the representatives of expressionism is so strongly felt emotional anger. Consider the most famous works of art:

  • Edward Munch’s "The Screan" - few know the well-known picture that depicts an elongated, deformed figure of a man with his mouth wide open. It is unclear what exactly this character is feeling: anger, fear, confusion. This is the idea - the viewer can think of the emotion that the expressionist artist intended;
  • Emil Nolde's "Mask Still Life" - bright, flashy colors and twisted, seemingly vibrant masks give this piece of art a slightly sinister look. By the way, this artist is considered to be the first German expressionist;
  • "The Bride of the Wind" by Oscar Kokoshka is a very personal painting that depicts the Austrian artist himself and his mistress. They lie on the bed, leaning against each other. Around them is a sea of lights, mountains, lightning and the moon.

Expressionist paintings depict not only negative emotions but also cheerfulness or light, nostalgic sadness. The artist's curiosity is similar to a child's interest in all things unknown: he is like an experimenter trying to find new color combinations and paint the world in his own way. Honesty and even a little intimacy bribes, inviting the viewer to experience the emotions of the artist.

Distinctive features of paintings of Ukrainian expressionists

So, what about the characteristic features of paintings by contemporary Ukrainian expressionists:

  • clumsy and clear lines;
  • rough strokes, simplicity of the image;
  • "flashy" bright colors;
  • dynamic of the plot;
  • often lack of perspective and volume;
  • maximum contrast colors.

All this is done for a specific purpose: not to leave the viewer indifferent. Gray, boring, and banal images of street life or people become vivid. They really leave you breathless and impress everyone's imagination. Sometimes the feelings of the viewer are negative, but this is the idea of abstract expressionism: to arouse strong emotions.

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