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Paintings in abstract style (928)

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Abstract paintings in a modern interior

Abstraction in painting is almost always an attempt to extract the emotional or intellectual essence of a complex image. Abstraction artists change colors, distort the representation of three-dimensional space, simplify forms and ignore the rules of perspective. All these methods, exaggerated to the extreme, make objects unrecognizable for viewers who are used to images that mimic reality.

Many people do not understand the abstraction - the paintings of artists practicing this style, majority prefer to consider daubs without perceiving their creative messages.

Abstract style today is at the top of popularity and is in demand in a modern interior. You can buy abstraction paintings for home, office, cafe or restaurant decoration online in KyivGallery. This style allowed artists to step over the limits and get away from depicting real objects. Its goal is to arouse emotions in the viewer with the harmony of shapes, colors, lines and spots.

Oil paintings in abstract art

This is a style in fine arts when magnificent paintings are created using unusual shapes, geometric lines and bold decisions. You can buy paintings by abstract artists in Ukraine with incredible ideas and forms. Today, abstraction is so diverse that every group or even one artist is trying to create his own, unique and special, able to reach the viewer, his feelings. This is difficult to do without using familiar images and forms. All paintings amaze with beauty and make one admire the expressiveness of the composition, and their creators are ranked among the geniuses of painting. Modern abstraction is a noble and optimal way of decorating walls. It is perfect for decorating the entrance hall, kitchen, bedroom or living room, and testifies to the good taste of the inhabitants.

Paintings of abstraction in Kyiv are gaining popularity and are doing an excellent job, acting as an element of the decor of the room, which visually fastens and enriches the interior.

Abstract art: movements, artists, famous paintings

Despite the fact that the world saw the first abstract painting more than a hundred years ago, the genre has not fully formed and is considered to be young. Its discoverer was the Moscow artist Vasily Kandinsky in 1909, among famous representatives:

  1. Parisian painter Francis Picabia, representative of dada.
  2. Abstrast artist from Kyiv Kazimir Malevich, a bright representative of the Ukrainian avant-garde and the founder of suprematism.
  3. Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter, founder of cubism.
  4. American artist Barnett Newman (abstract expressionism).

Abstractionism was expanding, and today oil and acrylic abstraction paintings can be bought in Kyiv, depending on your preferences and the particular decor of the rooms.

Abstract expressionism

This movement is characterized by spontaneity. Emotional brush strokes are the result of rebellious, chaotic gestures. Pictures can reflect joy and drama, delight and tension. The world admires the paintings of famous abstract artists Mark Toby, Jackson Pollock.


Cubism prefers the image of geometric figures on the canvas. The geometric abstraction makes it possible to look at objects from different angles, from different points. Jean Metzinger, Georges Braque became prominent representatives of cubism.

Lyrical abstraction

In contrast to abstract expressionism, its tension and drama, the lyrical abstraction of the picture is full of romance, has a soft character. This style is characterized by spontaneity and ease. Images are easily perceived by the imagination of the viewer. Abstract artists Pierre Sulazh, Sam Francis painted their paintings in this style.

Color field

Modern paintings of this movement are distinguished by a clear monophonic color on the canvas. The artist presents the viewer separate images and combines them into one composition on large canvas that fits for spacious rooms. Representatives that gained fame are: Hans Hoffman, Mark Rothko, gained fame.


Simultanism, or orphic cubism in painting is a movement that emerged in 1913 from the coloristic and non-figurative tendency of Parisian cubism, which elevates color and light. The founders were Robert Delaunay and Marcel Duchamp.


Tashism is a movement that reveals the inner world of the painter, which he expresses without a predetermined plan, throwing spots and lines on the canvas with large strokes.


Rayonism or rayism is a style whose main idea is to play with tones from the reflections and refractions of light rays. Founder - Mikhail Larionov, 1912.