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Watercolor paintings at your home

Beautiful watercolor paintings are created in different genres. Artists portray the beauty of nature, the uniqueness of the human personality, the charm of the female body with translucent strokes. Layering and halftone transitions of delicate watercolor paints require high skill. This technique is one of the most difficult, but it makes possible to make incredible gradient fills and glazes. The main concept it is that they are painted on wet paper or canvas, the pigment is scattered and mixed with each other. This effect ensures the uniqueness of each watercolor painting, so your purchase will be exclusive and original artwork.

We offer artworks by contemporary and emerging Ukrainian artists. Each of them has its own character of painting. You can read about each of them on the site. In our online gallery you will surely find something that will be close to you in state of mind, just that work of art that will perfectly suit your interior.

Features and benefits of watercolors

Watercolor in paintings is particularly light on the one hand, and the depth of the image on the other. When choosing, pay attention to its advantages:

  1. Small watercolors on paper, suitable as a gift due to the unique plot. The city drawn, the flickering lights in puddles of pavements, or the caps of snowy mountains drowning in fog, are no less fascinating than branches of willow reflected in the quiet surface of a forest lake.
  2. Everyone loves to buy something of high quality, but at an affordable price. Here it is lower and more economical than for artworks made in other techniques (for example, paintings with oil paints or acrylic).

For a long time, it was believed that watercolor is a painting technique for students of art schools. However, now this point of view is no longer relevant. Professional high-quality paint, preserved in its original form for a long time. Many contemporary artists from Ukraine choose it for their work. Beautiful flowers blossom on their drawings, strangers with a smile are fading. In addition to the usual watercolor paints, watercolor markers for sketching are now used. Sketching is a modern art form of fluent sketches, most often graphic (graphite, colored pencil, pastel) or using markers, felt-tip pens or watercolor paints. Watercolor sketching is a popular way to make quick sketches of the interior, fashion models of clothes, buildings and architectural structures, travel impressions or portraiture.

Thanks to a wide range of themes and styles in which the paintings are created, you can easily pick up something for any room:

  • View of the autumn city, watercolors Kyiv, ancient towers of European capitals are suitable for living room and office;
  • Bouquets of flowers or an animalistic genre will interestingly fit into the kitchen;
  • Sea watercolors, the view of floating gondolas and shuttles under the bridge will fill the room with romance and comfort;
  • Great artwork of a famous Ukrainian artist will adorn the cabinet with dignity.

Interesting facts about watercolor paintings

  1. In professional watercolor sets, there is no white color, which is added only to sets for children. Experienced artists to get white just do not paint over the necessary parts of the sheet. At first glance, this technique of drawing is easy, but in reality, it causes a lot of difficulties for beginners.
  2. Due to the fragility of the pigment, the storage of watercolor paintings is very difficult. Under the influence of the environment, the paint fades and paper turns yellow. Exposure of the work is allowed only in appropriate conditions in low light and protection from direct sunlight.
  3. Modern Ukrainian watercolor painters are actively using watercolor pencils, which appeared relatively recently, to refine some elements of the picture, supplement or correct the initial sketch. For the same purpose apply: pastel, wax crayons, gel ink.
  4. To achieve a blur effect, plain paper is pre-moistened a little with water. To do this, they put it on a wet flannel or use special devices.
  5. In the process of drying watercolors, the shades on the painting become lighter. This happens due to the evaporation of water.

Prices for watercolor painting

Prices vary depending on the author, genre, size of the artwork, how technically perfect the work is, is there a frame, or is there glass on the frame. The decision to buy a watercolor painting in Kyiv is a good way to enrich the design of the room, satisfy your aesthetic taste or make a good present to friend. We can help you with all issues of watercolor delivery in Kyiv, in Ukraine or worldwide. Also, we can add a frame to the artwork and answer on all your questions about packaging and payment details.