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Acrylic paintings

Not so long ago, contemporary art was replenished with amazing material for creativity - acrylic. Acrylic fine art, whose history began in America, appeared thanks to new developments for automobile production and construction:

  • in the early 30s of the twentieth century in New York, the first synthetic composition based on oil nitrocellulose was developed;
  • by the end of the 30s they began to produce alkyd synthetic paints;
  • a few years later in the book industry began to use pigment based on polyvinyl acetate.

Historical fact. The first acrylic paint was offered to artists by the trade brand Magma in 1949. But at that time turpentine was used to dilute it. Acrylic painting, an abstraction mainly began to gain popularity thanks to the bold works of Kenneth Noland, Barnett Newman. A water-based professional composition appeared in art shops only in 1963. It was proposed by chemical researcher Henry Levinson under the Liquitex brand. The products of this company are still represented in specialized stores.

Distinctive features of acrylic paints painting

Among the advantages that acrylic has, the main ones are as follows:

  • various tools are suitable for work (brushes, rollers, airbrushes, palette knife and pen);
  • it’s possible to draw on almost any non-fat surface - paper, canvas, cardboard, wood, plaster, glass, metal, ceramics, as well as on the body, nails (body art, nail art);
  • you can create smooth, textured paintings, apply translucent layers and dense strokes, trying various techniques;
  • fresh paint can be easily removed from the surface with water, but when dried, the material is not susceptible to moisture, ultraviolet rays, does not respond to temperature changes;
  • paint is not toxic, does not emit unpleasant odors, is diluted to the desired consistency with water;
  • use of special varnishes, wax and other compounds is not required as a topcoat;
  • acrylic paintings decorate the room, do not fade over time, fit well into space.

What techniques use modern Ukrainian painters

Vivid paintings for home, office, cafe interior are painted using one or several techniques at the same time:

  • when diluted with water or gel to a translucent liquid state, acrylic acquires the properties of watercolors, and then the artists paint with glazes;
  • abstract technique of painting with liquid acrylic (fluid art) is easy to learn, it is preferred by amateur artists, while professional artists almost do not use this technique. In order to do acrylic pourings (straight pouring, dirty and turning the glass over) you do not need any specialized knowledge or art education, only technical skills in mixing acrylic paints, epoxy coating or varnish coating and a sense of color;
  • when applying acrylic paste to the canvas directly from the tube, distributing the smear with a palette knife or a hard brush, the artist uses a pasty technique resembling oil painting;
  • when a matte medium or gel with a matte filler is added, the composition acquires the properties of gouache or tempera.

Modern acrylic painting by artists does not divide into types by technique, but distinguishes it by genre and theme. Acrylic paintings won the hearts of lovers of the beautiful thanks to a riot of colors and an unusual look. This is achieved due to the used material for drawing, which is an emulsion having a large percentage of pigment. The contents of the tube consist of pigment, water and acrylic resin, it is this composition that creates the brightness of acrylic painting. Such paintings have a lot of advantages, including:

  1. Color saturation. With a landscape or still life painted with acrylics, any room will take on a fashionable and glamorous look. Designers especially recommend them to owners of apartments in the style of minimalism. Such a decision will emphasize the interior, decorating the space.
  2. Durability. Unlike oil paint, acrylic does not crack, and does not fade in the sun. Such works of art are moisture resistant and are not afraid of physical influences (with small strokes, scratches do not appear). Their value will pay off dozens of times until the time when you want to change it.
  3. Hypoallergenic. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic composition is absolutely safe, because such drawings do not cause allergic reactions.
  4. Availability. The price depends on the complexity of the work performed, the name of the master, the size of the canvas, and fully justifies itself thanks to the quality and beauty.

Where to buy acrylic paintings?

Our gallery offers bright acrylic paintings by contemporary and emerging Ukrainian artists in a large assortment. The pages of KyivGallery website provide options in different genres, techniques and for any occasion. We guarantee excellent quality of each work and fast delivery of the order to the buyer. Volumetric images, landscapes that do not differ from paintings painted with oil paints will satisfy the most demanding taste.