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Vaisburh Illia
Years of life 1954 - 2020
Place of birth Kyiv
Place of living and work Kyiv
About myself and my artworks

Each item has a soul, each flower is the universe painting to us. And we must feel and comprehend it. This is our mission, this is life, this is painting. And still painting - in the understatement.

Ukrainian artist invites the viewer to co-participate - to think out, to feel sympathy, to inspect, involving in the creative process, to become a full-fledged co-creator. The artist does not bring the work to photographism - it is only necessary to hint and be able to stop in time.

This is the refinement of painting - because photography is a documentary fixation, painting is an optical illusion, a paradox of near and far vision, a miracle of turning color into meaning. Painting is a message brought by the artist to the audience, by the audience to the artist. The message requires its co-author-addressee.

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1965-1972 - T.Shevchenko State Art School

1972-1978 - National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture

1981-1985 - teacher of drawing, painting and composition in T.Shevchenko State Art School. When he entered school, he changed his last name to Zahurskyi. He worked under this name until 1992.

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

1990 - National Union of Artists of Ukraine


1985 - triptych "USSR", tempera, 280×500, Museum of Local Lore, Zhukivtsi village, Kyiv region

1986 - panel "Orchestra", Polohy village, Kyiv region

1987 - Republican exhibition, paintings "Pears and Honey", "Vessels", "Sunlight"

1989 - Republican exhibition - "Chlorophyll", "Pine Grove", "New World"

1989 - A series of stained glass windows "Ornament as a universal language" for school No. 3, Yahotyn, Kyiv region

1990 - Exhibition for admission to the Union of Artists of Ukraine

1991 - Exhibition "Landscape Classical and New", Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv

1992 - Exhibition "Contemporaries", Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv

1995 - Double-sided panel on glass, "LA" supermarket

1997-1998 - Interior with three compositions: "Road", "People", "Sunrise".