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Vaisberg Matvii Top artist
Year of birth 1958
Place of birth Kyiv
Place of living and work Kyiv
About myself and my artworks

Matvii Vaisberg is an absolutely museum artist. In autumn 2020, he exhibited at the Khanenko Museum – he felt at home there, next to Velasquez and Zurbaran. Is it good or bad? Basquiat, for example, is an absolutely street artist. Vaisberg, on the contrary, a museum one.

In today’s apocalyptic times, when we see everything collapsing, Vaisberg is becoming the most on-trend artist – it’s important to preserve what European culture consists of. Even his tiniest sketches are seen as fragments of the large European tradition – from Cimabue and Giotto to Pollock and Kiefer. It’s not by chance that he’s so fond of “dialogues” with the great – for him, they are artist brothers, to whom he talks the language of painting.

When it comes to painting, the surest indicator is a brushstroke. It’s a kind of a cardiogram. Vaisberg’s brushstroke is like Tarkovsky’s stalker: throws a nut into space and stares there, groping after the only right path. Take a closer look at Vaisberg – it looks like this stalker will yank us out of the desert.

Besides, Vaisberg is one of the few Ukrainian artists whose paintings are sold at the famous London auctions.

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State Art High School by the name of TG Shevchenko

Kiev Polygraphic Institute, Department of Book Graphics

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

Creative association "BG-Art"


Personal exhibitions

2019 - The Human Factor. National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

2016 - "Studios and Allusions". Gallery "Dukat", Kiev

2015 - The Wall. 28.01 - 8.03.2014 ". Sejm of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw

2015 - Bestiary. Gallery "Mystetska Zbirka", Kiev

2015 - "Pur Vital". Museum of the History of Kiev, Kiev

2014 - The Wall. 28.01 - 8.03.2014 ". Museum "Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine", Kiev), European House, London

2013 - Painting. Sins and virtues. " Gallery "HudPromo", Odessa

2012 - Weak Anthropic Principle. Within the framework of the ART Kyiv Contemporary project, "Mystetskyi Arsenal"

2012 - The Wall. Scenes from TANAKH ". National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

2007 - “Scenes from TANAKH”. Gallery "Ra", Kiev

2006 - "Testaments of the Masters" (together with Shereshevsky). Gallery "Atelier Karas", Kiev

2005 - The Sixth Day. Gallery "Triptych", Kiev

2004 - Weak Anthropic Principle. Gallery "Atelier Karas", Kiev

2003 - Painting. Gallery "Atelier Karas", Kiev

2003 - Painting. Loradartgallery, Chicago

2002 - "Judean Desert". Gallery "Atelier Karas", Kiev

2002 - "Retrospective". Art Gallery of the National University "Kiev-Mohyla Academy", Kiev

1997 - "Wine of the comet". National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

1995 - "Time of the World". Kiev Museum of Russian Art, Kiev

1993 - Nision. House of Artists, Kiev

1990 - Personal exhibition, Podil History Museum, Kiev

Group exhibitions

2006 - "Pur Vital". Gallery "Ra", Kiev

2005 - "Testaments of the Masters". "Triptych", Kiev

2004 - "B W". Gallery "Ra", Kiev

2003 - “The Desert. Roads ". Gallery "Ra", Kiev

2002 - Days of Ukrainian Culture in Switzerland, Bern

2001 - "XX artists of Ukraine, end of the century)". National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

2000 - "Art from Ukraine". Gallery "Doctorhaus", Oberdessbach, Switzerland

1998 - Painting Exhibition. Municipal Gallery "Lavra", Kiev

1997 - Painting Exhibition. Hans Seidel Foundation, Kiev

1994 - "The Graphic World". Museum of Russian Art, Kiev

1994 - Neu Kreis, Klaus Weidlich Kunstvermittlung. EMRE, Munich

1993 - "Anabasis". Museum of Russian Art, Kiev

1993 - International Charity Art Auction. Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts, Kiev

1993 - "Rosh Hashanah: From the collection of Igor Dychenko." Museum of the History of Kiev, Kiev

1992 - From the collection of Y. Livshits. Museum of the History of Kiev, Kiev

1992 - "Vita Nova: From the collection of I. Dychenko". State Museum of Books and Printing, Kiev

1991 - "Exhibition of four". Gallery "M", Budapest

1991 - Exhibition for the days of Kiev culture in Budapest, Budapest

1991 - Exhibition in memory of the victims of Babi Yar. House of Artists, Kiev

1990 - "Urbs et Orbs". Museum of Judaica, Prague, Czech Republic

1990 - "Deuteronomy". Marswinsholm Gallery, Treleborg, Sweden

1990 - Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Ukraine. Roxolan Gallery, Chicago

1990 - Exhibition in memory of the victims of Babi Yar. House of Artists, Kiev

1989 - “Reverse Perspective. The first version ”, from the collection of I. Dychenko. Gallery "Mars", Moscow