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Tkachivskyi Ihor
Year of birth 1982
Place of birth Ivano-Frankivsk
Place of living and work Ivano-Frankivsk
Artist's Information

Ihor Tkachivsky is an artist with a wide range of creativity. Fluent in sculpture, graphics, painting. Works in easel and monumental sculpture, works in bronze, wood, stone, metal, snow, ice, creates installations. His works are a look into the future, full of philosophical content. It is an art that makes a person think.

He has participated in more than fifty international symposiums, exhibitions, residences and competitions of modern sculpture. 


1997-2001 - Kosovo College of Decorative and Applied Arts, specialty "Artistic Woodworking", Junior Specialist Diploma (full-time education)

2002–2008 - Lviv National Academy of Arts, department of monumental and decorative sculpture, master's degree (full-time education)

2005 - study at the Warsaw Academy of Arts, Department of Sculpture (student exchange program)

2009–2011 – postgraduate studies, Lviv National Academy of Arts, specialty “Art History” (full-time form)

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

International Sculpture Symposium Alliance

NGO "Artistic Brotherhood", Ivano-Frankivsk


The artist's creative works are installed in Poland, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Iran, the world-famous sculpture park in Cyprus, as well as in private collections in Europe.


2020 - production of the iconostasis of the Italian-Ukrainian part, an outstanding landmark of architecture and a religious center, the Church of the Virgin Mary Rosalia, the Papal Basilica in Pompeii, 700cmx320cm, Italy

2019 - Monumental complex Chapel of Mary, p. Komarov, Ivano-Frankivsk region, stone material, 220x125x65cm

2019 - Memorial plaque to Dmitry Freik on the facade of the Prykarpattsky University. Vasily Stefanik, Ivano-Frankivsk, Bronze/Red granite

2013–2014 - The sculptor worked on the complete restoration of the iconostasis of the Solovetsky Monastery, Arkhangelsk region, Russia

2012–2013 - Worked on a complete renovation of the interior and exterior of the new Istra Monastery in Jerusalem, finishing the wooden iconostasis, Russia

2016 - Sculpture of the deceased Ukrainian soldier, Snyatyn, Black granite, 210x100x95cm

2008 - Memorial plaque erected to the Ukrainian scientist A.Voynarovsky in Hamburg, granite/bronze, Germany

2006 - Restoration of the Ivan Franko Museum, Lviv


1999 - "The Art of Sculpture", Ivano-Frankivsk

2000 - "Kosovo art sculpture", Art Museum, Kosiv

2001 - Collective exhibition "Golden Autumn", Kosiv

2006 - "50 years of the Lviv Academy of Arts", Lviv

2006 - "New integration of the spirit of Galich", Galich

2007 - Exhibition of creative works by artists of the Galich region

2010 - Creative exhibition of the author's sculptures at the annual exhibitions, Moscow, MosBuild, Crocus City Hall, Russia

2011 - Exhibition of the author's sculptures at exhibitions in the Manege, Moscow, Russia

2016 - Group exhibition of sculptures, Palisse, France

2017 - Group exhibition of sculptures, Saint-Michel-de-Chavaignes, France

2018 - Group exhibition of sculptures, Livigno, Italy

2018 - Group exhibition of sculptures, Mirecourt, France

2019 - Group exhibition of sculptures, La Bresse, France

2019 - Group exhibition of sculptures, Lutago, Italy

2021 - Group exhibition "Paints and sculptures", Ivano-Frankivsk

2016–2021 - The sculptures of the author are on permanent display of the National Park in the Sculpture Park "Art Engiadina", Switzerland

2016–2021 - Permanent exhibition of the author's sculptures in Ayia Napa Park, Cyprus

2021 - Personal exhibition "Metamorphoses", Ivano-Frankivsk