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Lebedynets Petro Top author
Year of birth 1956
Place of birth Mariupol
Place of living and work Kyiv
About myself and my artworks

Lebedynets is a magician, a wizard of color. He makes a person happy with colors only. There are two traditions of the unfigured painting. The warm one – by Kandinsky, and the cold one – by Mondrian. Lebedynets is the warmest of the warm. His smallest painting can warm the coldest interior – perhaps, that’s the reason why architects are so much fond of working with him.

Lebedynets keeps his large studio in perfect order – there are no bohemian bottles and naked women. Calm and focused, every morning he sits down in front of the canvas – like a composer at a piano. Another minute and the music will burst forth.

Lebedynets hardly manages to arrange it. Over the years, he has learned extraordinary skills.

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1978-1984 - National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Faculty of Fine Arts).

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

1990 - UNUA


 Gallery "NEW ART", exhibition "Painting of Peter Lebedinets." Kiev

 Firm "Seco Group", exhibition "Reconciliation." Ichin, Czech Republic

 Gallery "Triptych", exhibition "Abstraction and Woman." Kiev

 FERRARI KIEV Motor Show, exhibition "Art In Motion." Kiev

 Museum complex "Art Arsenal", "IV Fine Art Ukraine", project "Color expansion.", Kyiv

 Chernihiv Museum of Contemporary Art "Plast-Art", exhibition "Expansion of Painting.", Chernihiv

 Gallery "Art Collection", exhibition "Allegory.", Kyiv

 Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine, exhibition "Expansion of Painting.", Kyiv

 Khmelnytsky Regional Art Museum. Khmelnytskyi

 Gallery "Lenin." Zaporizhzhia

 Gallery "Art collection.". Kiev

 Gallery "Triptych.". Kiev

 Sevastopol Art Museum. Sevastopol

 The National Arts Club. New York, USA

 Gallery "Volga Art", exhibition "Petro Lebedinets. The formula of color." Moscow, Russia.

 Gallery "Inter Art Galerie Reich." Cologne, Germany.

 Bottega Gallery. Kiev

 Palace of Nations. UN Office in Geneva. Geneva, Switzerland.

 "Marine Art Gallery.". Odessa

 Private gallery "Fanar." Lunor, Switzerland.

 Gallery "Inter Art Galerie Reich." Cologne, Germany.

 Center for Contemporary Art "Soviart", exhibition "Painting.". Kiev

 Center for Contemporary Art "Soviart", exhibition "Painting.". Kiev

 Embassy of France in Ukraine. Kiev

 Gallery "Art Center on the Church", exhibition "Stream.". Kiev

 Gallery "Heuberg 40." Basel, Switzerland.

 Ukrainian House, exhibition "Polyphony of color.". Kiev

 Gallery "Art Felchlin." Zurich, Switzerland.

 Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art. Kiev

 Gallery "MR Bürogalerie." Bern, Switzerland

 Gallery "Inter Art Galerie Reich." Cologne, Germany

 Gallery "Robin Ledouze." Paris, France

Collective exhibitions

 Museum "Cdan", international project "R-EVOLUTION." Huesca, Spain

 Gallery "Ukrainian Art Gallery" & "Darren Baker Gallery", Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Ukraine. London, Great Britain

 All-Ukrainian art exhibition "ABSTRACT PAINTING OF UKRAINE." Kiev

 Grimaldi Forum, "Art Monaco '14. Salon of Contemporary Art." Monaco, France

 Gallery "TEW Galleries", exhibition "Modern abstraction." Atlanta, USA

 Novomatic forum, exhibition "Ukraine. The archetype of freedom." Vienna, Austria

 Lviv Palace of Arts, exhibition "Art Studio Voluiky." Lviv

 "All-Ukrainian Triennial of Painting." Kiev.

 Gallery "Art Collection", exhibition "Ukrainian Eroticism." Kiev

Works in museums and galleries

Vienna Museum of Art History, Vienna, Austria

Kyiv Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv

Ukrainian Museum, New York, USA

Zaporizhia Art Museum, Zaporizhia

Russian-American Foundation. New York, USA

Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations. New York, USA

Brooklyn City Hall. New York, USA

Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Kiev

gallery "Inter Art Gallery Reich". Cologne, Germany

Anixis Gallery. Baden, Switzerland

Martinez Gallery. Cannes, France