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Dzyndra Iryna
Year of birth 1977
Place of birth Lutsk
Place of living and work Lviv
About myself and my artworks

Iryna Dzyndra is a representative of the modern artists environment of fine and decorative direction. In her artworks the artist focuses on the process of image creation, the interdependence of the artist from painting, and vice versa, when the possibilities of relaying the emotional-figurative basis are most fully revealed.

The subject of the author's artistic expression is revealed most often in the landscape, her own vision of the landscape and the space in which it unfolds, with all the finest nuances of emotional color. Contemplation, dialogue and meditation are the priority principles of the contentfulness of the imagery of Iryna Dzyndra's artworks.

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Ivan Trush State College of Decorative and Applied Arts, Lviv

National Academy of Arts, Lviv


Personal Exhibitions:

2004 – Exhibition of painting "Undergarden", "Sklokoko" gallery, Lviv

2007 – Exhibition of graphics "Kiss of Judas", Museum of Ideas, Lviv

2014 – Exhibition of Paintings "Etudes and Emotions", Primus gallery, Lviv

2015 – Graphic Exhibition "Horizon", Lviv French Alliance

2017 – Painting exhibition "Terravita", "Green sofa" gallery, Lviv

2017 – Painting exhibition "Terravita", City Museum in Noval, Croatia

Participation in joint projects:

1999 – Lviv Autumn Salon "High Castle", Lviv Palace of Arts

2005 – Lviv Autumn Salon "High Castle" Lviv Palace of Arts

2007 – Art project "Veselka", Lviv ethnographic museum

2007 – International Pavilion of Painting "MAXIM", Slavsko

2008 – International open–air painting "Carpathian Range", Tatariv, Yaremche

2008 – Lviv Autumn Salon "High Castle", Lviv Palace of Arts

2011 – Lviv Autumn Salon "High Castle", Lviv Palace of Arts

2013 – the opening of the Lviv Fashion Week, the collection of decorations "NETAKI"

2013 – IX International Symposium of Hanging Glass, Lviv National Museum

2013 – Slava Frolova–Group "In the face of chance", Lviv Palace of Arts

2014 – Slava Frolova–Group "Ukrainian Language" in collaboration with Maria Pryimachenko, Museum "Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine", Kyiv

2014 – Lviv Autumn Salon "High Castle", Lviv Palace of Arts

2018 – Lviv Art Days, Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport