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Dobrodii Oleksandr
Year of birth 1960
Place of birth Nastashka village, Kyiv region
Place of living and work Kyiv
About myself and my artworks

The works of Oleksandr Dobrodii are lyrical, full of sadness, fabulousness.

The picturesque country of the artist's dreams, like a mirage, which slowly moves the wheels of fantasy and where the frozen time floats, is striking with whimsical phantasmagoria translated into the lyrical author's mode.

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1989-1995 - National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, workshop of prof. A. Lopukhov

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

1995 - National Union of Artists of Ukraine


1993 - "First Date", "Slavutych" Gallery, Kyiv

1993 - Bienale "Impreza-93", diploma in painting category, Ivano-Frankivsk

1994 - Exhibition, Mifiky group, exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv

1994 - Exhibition of young artists, Kyiv

1994 - I Art Fair, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

1995 - Bienale "Saib-95", Skopje, Macedonia

1995 - The Treasure of the Forgotten Country Exhibition, Lincoln Center, New York, USA

1995 - II Art Fair, "Ukrainian House", Kyiv

1995 - "Rapida" Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

1995 - Biennale "Pan-Ukraine", Dnipro

1995 - Exhibition, "Museum-apartment of A.S.Pushkin", Moscow

1996 - Exhibition of Ukrainian Artists "10 years of the collapse of the Chernobyl NPP", UN premises, New York, USA

1996 - "Treasures of a Forgotten Country", League of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

1996 - I International Art Festival, "Ukrainian House", Kyiv

1996 - Exhibition of Ukrainian Artists, University of Madrid, Spain

1996 - "Fountain of Cupids", Slavutych Gallery, Kyiv

1996 - The first personal exhibition "Improvisation on the topic ...", "Irena" gallery, Kyiv

1997 - Personal exhibition, "Irena" gallery, Kyiv

1997 - Group exhibition "Art Archive", Museum of the History of Ukraine, Kyiv

1998 - Group exhibition "House at the Hill", gallery "Lavra", Kyiv

1998 - Personal exhibition, museum of the history of Kyiv

1998 - Personal exhibition, Museum of the History of Ukraine, Kyiv

1998 - Exhibition of a group of artists of Ukraine in the generals Catholicos, Barcelona, ​​Spain

1999 - Art Festival "Forum", Ankara, Turkey

1999 - Personal exhibition, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2000 - Exhibition during the visit of the President of Ukraine to Turkey, Ankara

2000 - Exhibition, Museum Reserve Sofia Kyivskaya, Kyiv

2002 - Exhibition, Russian Cultural Center Berlin, Germany

2002 - Personal exhibition, "Irena" gallery, Kyiv

2002 - Art Festival, Potsdam, Germany

2004 - Exhibition "STO", Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2004 - Personal exhibition gallery "A House", Kyiv

2005 - Exhibition, International Economic Forum, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2006 - Personal exhibition, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2007 - Personal exhibition, Szczecin, Poland

2007 - Personal exhibition, New Tomysl, Poland

2008 - Personal exhibition, Przemysl, Poland

2008 - Personal exhibition, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2014 - Exhibition, Kuwait

2016 - Exhibition, Kuwait

2016 - Art-Dubai