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Dobrodii Oleksandr
Year of birth:1960 y.
Place of birth: Nastashka village, Kyiv region
Place of living and work: Kyiv
About myself and my artworks:

The works of Oleksandr Dobrodii are lyrical, full of sadness, fabulousness.

The picturesque country of the artist's dreams, like a mirage, which slowly moves the wheels of fantasy and where the frozen time floats, is striking with whimsical phantasmagoria translated into the lyrical author's mode.

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Author's works (62)

1989-1995 - National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, workshop of prof. A. Lopukhov

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

1995 - National Union of Artists of Ukraine


1993 - "First Date", "Slavutych" Gallery, Kyiv

1993 - Bienale "Impreza-93", diploma in painting category, Ivano-Frankivsk

1994 - Exhibition, Mifiky group, exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv

1994 - Exhibition of young artists, Kyiv

1994 - I Art Fair, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

1995 - Bienale "Saib-95", Skopje, Macedonia

1995 - The Treasure of the Forgotten Country Exhibition, Lincoln Center, New York, USA

1995 - II Art Fair, "Ukrainian House", Kyiv

1995 - "Rapida" Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

1995 - Biennale "Pan-Ukraine", Dnipro

1995 - Exhibition, "Museum-apartment of A.S.Pushkin", Moscow

1996 - Exhibition of Ukrainian Artists "10 years of the collapse of the Chernobyl NPP", UN premises, New York, USA

1996 - "Treasures of a Forgotten Country", League of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

1996 - I International Art Festival, "Ukrainian House", Kyiv

1996 - Exhibition of Ukrainian Artists, University of Madrid, Spain

1996 - "Fountain of Cupids", Slavutych Gallery, Kyiv

1996 - The first personal exhibition "Improvisation on the topic ...", "Irena" gallery, Kyiv

1997 - Personal exhibition, "Irena" gallery, Kyiv

1997 - Group exhibition "Art Archive", Museum of the History of Ukraine, Kyiv

1998 - Group exhibition "House at the Hill", gallery "Lavra", Kyiv

1998 - Personal exhibition, museum of the history of Kyiv

1998 - Personal exhibition, Museum of the History of Ukraine, Kyiv

1998 - Exhibition of a group of artists of Ukraine in the generals Catholicos, Barcelona, ​​Spain

1999 - Art Festival "Forum", Ankara, Turkey

1999 - Personal exhibition, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2000 - Exhibition during the visit of the President of Ukraine to Turkey, Ankara

2000 - Exhibition, Museum Reserve Sofia Kyivskaya, Kyiv

2002 - Exhibition, Russian Cultural Center Berlin, Germany

2002 - Personal exhibition, "Irena" gallery, Kyiv

2002 - Art Festival, Potsdam, Germany

2004 - Exhibition "STO", Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2004 - Personal exhibition gallery "A House", Kyiv

2005 - Exhibition, International Economic Forum, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2006 - Personal exhibition, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2007 - Personal exhibition, Szczecin, Poland

2007 - Personal exhibition, New Tomysl, Poland

2008 - Personal exhibition, Przemysl, Poland

2008 - Personal exhibition, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2014 - Exhibition, Kuwait

2016 - Exhibition, Kuwait

2016 - Art-Dubai