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Leonets Yaroslav
Year of birth:1994 y.
Place of birth: Khmelnytskyi
Place of living and work: Khmelnytskyi
About myself and my artworks:

Through the visual arts, artistic images and figurative art, the artist Yaroslav Leonets opens and transmits what he truly feels.

The search for new forms of communication with the world has always inspired the artist, so his childhood study has turned into life. As an artist, he realizes himself in various arts. He is engaged in painting, graphic arts and sculpture.

Yaroslav experiments, synthesises various materials, finds new ways of transferring the reality in which he lives.

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Author's works (32)

2012 - Kharkiv Art College, Graphic Faculty

2015 - Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, Fine Arts Faculty

2019 - National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev, Faculty of Fine Arts

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

Youth Union of Artists of Ukraine



2018 - "Picturesque Ukraine", NSU, Mariupol.

2018 - "A4, ballpoint pen", Carp Gallery, Kyiv

2019 - Anniversary All-Ukrainian exhibition dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Repin, NSU, Kharkiv

2019 - IV International Festival. Paradzhanova, Sputnik Cultural and Art Center, Lviv

2019 - Exhibition of works from the art residence "My Ukraine: Pain and Hope", Kyiv, Munich

2019 - "Waves of Reality / Excitement in May", Institute of Contemporary Art Problems, Kyiv

2019 - Personal exhibition "Reflection", Bunkermuse Gallery, Ternopil

2019 - Biennale of Contemporary Art Bread, Bread Factory, Kyiv

2020 - “Takeda. Art / Help. Rule of exclusivity ", Moscow, St. Petersburg

2020 - "Two Points: we are in a time of changing circumstances", Virtual Exhibition

2020 - Personal exhibition "Manifestation", Oblenergo, Khmelnytsky

2020 - Exhibition "Anticipation + Immunity", Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Korsakov, Lutsk

Plein airs and art residencies:

2017 - "The First All-Ukrainian Plein Air", Vyzhnytsia.

2018 - Pottery - a picturesque open air, Zhornishche.

2018 - "Second All-Ukrainian Plein Air", Vyzhnytsia.

2018 - Art-residence on the basis of the film route, Zhovkva, Lviv.

2018 - Art-residence Blockchain Art Hackathon 2.0, Kyiv.

2018 - Art Residence "My Ukraine: Pain and Hope", Kyiv.

2019 - "Fourth All-Ukrainian Plein Air", Vyzhnytsia

2019 - Art-residence named after Nazariy Voitovych, May

2019 - MetaLab Residence, Ivano-Frankivsk

2019 - Diffusion Art Residence, Mariupol

2020 - Human Rights Art Residence ARTIF, Virtual

2020 - Plein Air - competition "Best Artist", Vinnytsia

2020 - Art Residence "Aura of the City", Starobilsk

2020 - Plein air with the support of the Department of Culture at Fr. Khortytsia, Zaporizhia