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Kobliuk Taras
Year of birth 1988
Place of birth Mlyniv town, Rivnenska oblast
Place of living and work Kyiv
About myself and my artworks

Taras Kobliuk embodies the experience, reacts to what excites him. The artist tried to do something far-fetched, but it turned out to be too artificial. Better when everything is natural, then the author looks at his artwork and understands why he created it.

Taras Kobliuk loves color. The artwork without color seems unfinished to the artist. He adds it to every artwork. Taras usually uses two or three shades. Their ratio should be perfect and the colors interesting, then this dissonance is sure to attract attention. Perhaps the artist thinks so under the impression of Friedensreich Gundertwasser or Egon Schiele.

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Taras Shevchenko State Art School

Publishing and Printing Institute of National Technical University of Ukraine

Printmaking techniques in the workshop of V.M. Ivanov-Akhmetov

Lithography workshop 30


2017 - “Art Wednesday”, exhibition of the “Lithographic 30” workshop, “Izone”, Kyiv

2017 - “13”, exhibition of graphics, “Educatorium” gallery, Kyiv

2017 - “30/1” joint project with “Etching Room1”, “” gallery, Kyiv

2018 - “Evolution”, “Educatorium” gallery, Kyiv

2018 - “City “Without Assignment”, “Artworld” gallery, Dnipro

2018 - “Printing Lab”, Book Arsenal, Kyiv

2018 - “Windows opposite”, French Institute in Ukraine, Kyiv

2018 - Auctions, auction house “Dukat”, Kyiv

2018 - “MATERIAL EVIDENCE No. 1”, Material Evidence, Kyiv

2018 - “Contemporary Ukrainian Graphics at the Turn of the XX / XXI Century”, Chicago, USA