Mo — Su 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Shereshevskyi Vladyslav Top artist
Year of birth 1964
Place of birth Kyiv
Place of living and work Kyiv
About myself and my artworks

On the door of Shereshevskyi’s studio, the word “Genius” is written in large letters. We knock on the genius’s door respectfully and go in: the maestro is working at an easel, surrounded by friends and admirers. I think that this is how Louis XIV was drawing the schemes of Versailles surrounded by his courtiers.

Sherik, as his friends call him, is submerged with orders. And it’s not for nothing. Among too serious (read – too provincial) modern Ukrainian artists, Sherik is almost the only one who laughs. The artist #1 for a corporate gift!

However, sometimes, this laughter makes you feel sick, just look at the masterfully, Rembrandt-style painted homeless man in a sweat jacket – Olympics-80.

Those who are far from art are captured by the plot, and those who are well-versed in the painting are crazy about painting.

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Republican Art School named after T.G. Shevchenko
1991 - Kyiv State Art Institute

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

1992 - National Union of Artists of Ukraine
1995 - Fellow of the Ministry of Culture of Germany


Personal exhibitions

2020 - "Day of Knowledge" (gallery "White World", Kyiv

2020 - “Places” gallery “Green sofa, Lviv”

2019 - “EXIT” gallery “Triptych-Art”, Kyiv

2019 - “POST” “Chocolate House” branch of the Kyiv Art Gallery, Kyiv

2019 - “Master? Class ”BureauArt Gallery, Sumy

2018 - “Freshness” Central House of Artists, Kyiv

2017 - “My Ukraine” Solo exhibition together with V. Kharchenko, The Hague, the Netherlands

2017 - “All in White”, White World Gallery, Kyiv

2017 - “Works” Museum of the History of Kyiv, catalog

2016 - "How I spent the summer" gallery "Ducat", Kyiv

2016 - “Super, super market” Museum of Ukrainian Painting, Dnipro

2016 - “For an amateur” gallery “Triptych-Art”, Kyiv

2015 - Wi-Fi Museum of the History of Kyiv

2015 - “People” gallery “Art collection”, Kyiv

2015 - Personal exhibition Art Gallery, Sumy

2014 - “50 each” Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv

2013 - Personal exhibition Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, catalog

2012 - Personal exhibition gallery "Autograph", Odessa

2012 - Wine and Meat Triptych Art Gallery, Kyiv

2012 - "Eighth Floor, Left" together with L. Bernat Foundation for the Promotion of Arts, Kyiv

2011 - Children's Gallery "Primus", Lviv

2011 - "Appearance of the People" Foundation for the Promotion of Arts, Kyiv

2010 - Reporting exhibition, Triptych Gallery, Kyiv, catalog

2010 - Personal exhibition gallery "Yes-yes-yes", Odessa

2010 - Personal exhibition of the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2010 - “Oil Paintings”, Palace of Arts, Lviv

2010 - Personal exhibition gallery "Art-manor", Yalta

2009 - "Shereshevsky in Russian", exhibition on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the artist Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv, booklet

2008 - "Teacher's Day" Ukrainian House, Kyiv, catalog

2008 - “Van Gogh and I” Foundation for the Promotion of Arts, Kyiv, catalog

2008 - “Our Ukraine” Antins collection, Kyiv

2008 - Women's Day Triptych Gallery, Kyiv, catalog

2007 - exhibition “From private collections” Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2007 - exhibition at the Da Vinci Gallery, Kyiv

2007 - “Culinary” “White gallery”, Kyiv, catalog

2006 - "Beauty will save the world" gallery "Triptych", Kyiv, catalog

2005 - “Testaments of Masters” together with Weisberg, Atelier Karas Gallery, Kyiv

2005 - “Brothers and Sisters” Art Blues Gallery, Kyiv

2004 - “Scenes” gallery “L-ART”, Kyiv

2004 - "Animals in the spring" gallery "Triptych", Kyiv

2003 - personal exhibition gallery "Atelier Karas", Kyiv, catalog

2003 - "Vehicles" gallery "Triptych", Kyiv, catalog

2002 - “Horse Walk” Triptych Gallery, Kyiv

2002 - personal exhibition of Tadzio Gallery, Kyiv

2001 - "Gifts" gallery "Atelier Karas", Kyiv

2000 - Pavlovsky Gallery Utrecht, The Netherlands, catalog

1999 - Irena Gallery Kyiv, booklet

1998 - "Neonostalgia" gallery "Atelier Karas", Kyiv

1997 - Irena Gallery Kyiv, booklet

1995 - “Blank Art Gallery” Kyiv, booklet

1995 - Art Club "Earth" Kyiv

1995 - Solo exhibition, Municipal Gallery of Munich, Germany

1994 - Helling Gallery Hamburg, Germany

1994 - Impex Art Gallery, Milan, Italy