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Pavlov Oleksandr
Year of birth 1939
Place of birth Kyiv
Place of living and work Kyiv
About myself and my artworks

He finds grounds for his formalistic concepts in the brightest achievements of the world of abstract art, and especially in the aesthetics of abstract expressionism-neo-expressionism. A significant number of figurative paintings have been exhibited at recent exhibitions.

A. F. Pavlov travels a lot and wanders around the country. And whatever motives appear on his canvases - the old districts of Kiev, the foothills of the Carpathians, the nature of Dagestan, the mountains of Georgia, the valleys of Armenia, the expanse of the Moscow region, hot sands and bright carpets of Central Asian vegetation - the dominant note in his work always sounds passionate love of life, an unquenchable thirst new impressions, admiration for the diversity of the world, its phenomena and forms, the riot of color reigning in it, the whirlpool of feelings, passions, characters, life and natural contrasts, the rapid change of pictures of reality. Essentially the same tasks are set by the artist in his portrait work.

A. F. Pavlov in his stormy, flowery canvases gives preference to the actual painting methods and means of expression - the expression of color, the romance of color. He is an architect by education, but his painting is less rationalistic; rather, it is a protest reaction to the outside emotionality and standard of our architectural environment. The most noteworthy, in my opinion, are his portraits - they feel a keen interest in the human personality, the ability to give a laconic expressive characterization.

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Kiev Civil Engineering Institute (Faculty of Architecture), defended his Ph.D. thesis

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

1965 - professional artist

1962 PhD in Architecture

1978 - Union of Architects of Ukraine

1989 - Union of Artists of Ukraine

1981-1991 - USSR Art Fund

1992 - freelance artist


Personal exhibitions:

2016 - National Museum of Georgia, Georgia, Tbilisi

2015 - Art Center M-17, Kiev

2011 - Gallery "Triptych", Kiev

2010 - Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiev

2009 - National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kiev

2009 - Ann Gallery, Kiev

2009 - National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kiev

2007 - Taidetendas, etelasiven galleria, 2 krs, Porvoo, Finland

2005 - Center for Contemporary Art "Soviart", Kiev

2005 - National Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

2004 - Center for Contemporary Art "Soviart", Kiev

2003 - Ukrainian House, Kiev

2002 - I.P. Kavaleridze Museum-workshop

2001 - "Colors", Kiev

2000 - "Triptych", Gallery "Ukrainian House", Kiev

1999 - Ukrainian National Museum, Kiev

1999 - Gallery of the Kiev Union of Artists, Kiev

1998 - Ukrainian House, Kiev

1996 - Gallery of the Kiev Union of Artists, Kiev

1992 - Gallery of the Catholic Academy, Freiburg, Germany

1989 - Museum of the History of the City of Kiev, Kiev

1986 - Gallery of the Union of Artists of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia

1985 - Vilnius City Hall Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

1984 - House of Cinema, Union of Cinematographers, Tbilisi, Georgia

1983, 1980, 1978 - Gallery of the Ukrainian Union of Architects, Kiev

Group exhibitions:

2008 - Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiev (on Bratskaya)

1998 - "Expression", Festival "Egentifite", Marseille, France

1997 - "Ukrainian art of the 20th century", "Ukrainian House", Kiev

1997 - "Trukhanov Island", "Lavra" Gallery, Kiev

1997 - Exhibition of non-figurative art, I.P. Kavaleridze Museum-workshop, Kiev

1996 - "Korenterpoint in Art", "Music in Colors", Ukrainian National Museum, Kiev

1994 - "Sixty of the Sixties", Gallery of the "Union of Artists", Kiev

1993 - "The Art of Free Ukraine", exhibition BBC, London, England

1991 - Exhibition in Kolkata, New Delhi, Madras

1975 - Gallery in the hall of new cinema, Kiev