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Paintings of Ukrainian artists

Acquisition of a piece of art makes you feel better, as it is easy to get genuine inspiration, a constant source of good humor. If a person appreciates fine art, you can find a lot of interesting things. It is better to choose the paintings carefully, taking into considering their preferences. A quality approach guarantees unique benefits. Buy paintings Kyiv by fair prices is easy thanks to the online art gallery. Just get access to a great range of exclusive artworks. A decent selection of original works of art is offered.

Birth of masterpieces or how to create an oil painting

The painting belongs to easel painting, the objects of which are created on special portable "machine tools" (easels) and on bases that are not utilitarian (cloth, paper, wood and other types of surfaces). Since painting techniques involve the use of paint brushes, in most cases paintings are painted rather than painted.

The most commonly used surfaces are canvas or paper. The cloth is a fabric with perpendicular alternation of overlaps through one thread. Today, materials such as cotton, linen, synthetics and hemp are used for its production. Oil paintings on canvas retain their original appearance for hundreds of years and have a specific texture that enhances the aesthetic merits of the work. Paper is less durable and less durable material for graphic works of art, but it can draw paintings with almost all kinds of paints, including gouache and watercolor.

Before work, the canvas is further stretched and taped to prevent possible deformation. Priming - a special substance of chemical composition - is also applied to smooth the unevenness and fix the paints on the work surface. After carefully drying the canvas, you can safely begin to create a masterpiece. Typically, the work begins with drawing a sketch with graphite or a pencil - a small sketch with outlines and silhouettes. Later, in his place, with the help of various techniques of brushstrokes and color combinations, a projection of the artistic image created in the artist's imagination is created.

In addition to the easel, brushes and pencils, artists use to create their works:

  1. Palette for mixing paints.
  2. Solvents for removing bad smears.
  3. Spatula with rounded tip for mixing oil paints.
  4. Special palette knife for applying oil or acrylic paints to the canvas.

The finished piece of art is additionally coated with a lacquer to preserve the oil paint on canvas in perfect shape for years to come. All this applies only to the technical part of painting. The very process of transformation of visual images in the artist's mind into artistic images and their subsequent embodiment on the canvas, in most cases remains a deeply intimate action, unreported words in everyday language.

Types and features of contemporary paintings

At the beginning of the 21st century, Ukrainian artists gravitate to the study and rethinking of Ukraine's cultural heritage, to experimentalism, to updating the language of art, its thematic and genre circles. There are a lot of artists represented. Mostly Ukrainians. Everyone has a unique talent. An inspiration that can decorate any apartment, house or office, you should carefully choose to take into account the style of the interior, although after careful selection, you can easily buy a painting in Kyiv, which will fit into any style without problems. KyivGallery is reasonably considered the best choice for such purchases. It is easy to use, prompt to complete the order, make a great choice. Everything is done so that the art connoisseur can satisfy the aesthetic needs, find a really interesting thing.

Modern art objects are executed in various formats, such as oval, rectangular, round, square. There are a huge number of genres, still life, portraits, about ten types of landscapes. The artist has put positive emotions and a part of himself into each oil painting. An increasing number of people want to buy exclusive paintings in Kyiv and join to the world of real quality art. This purchase will inevitably affect the person himself.

The artworks can be made in different techniques, styles, using different materials. Some artists prefer to use a canvas or paper, while others choose silk or wood. There are other materials that have their own unique characteristics.

Where to buy exclusive paintings in Kyiv?

If you want to get closer to the art, it is important to choose a proven place. This will give access to a contemporary service, a large selection of contemporary paintings and graphics by emerging Ukrainian artists. KyivGallery has assembled the largest possible range in one place, with ease and familiarity. You can sort products by many parameters, easily selecting work for individual request. The preliminary consultation will help you to understand in more detail, to place a simple order. A consultant or art expert in our gallery will help you make the right choice and buy oil painting in Kyiv with different budget options.

If you need to buy a painting in Kyiv with worldwide delivery, you should contact here. There is something special for every buyer. You can examine everything in detail. Just make the final choice. Making an order takes very little time. Online art gallery KyivGallery has been operating since 2007 and is trying every day to be the best to meet the needs of its customers. We always guarantee the best prices because we work directly with artists and sculptors. KyivGallery offers the best choice of Contemporary Ukrainian Art.