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Painting “Stonemason ”
Painting “Stonemason ”-2
Painting “Stonemason ”-3
Painting “Stonemason ”-4
Painting “Stonemason ”-5
Painting “Stonemason ”-6
Painting “Stonemason ”
Painting “Stonemason ”-2
Painting “Stonemason ”-3
Painting “Stonemason ”-4
Painting “Stonemason ”-5
Painting “Stonemason ”-6

Painting “Stonemason ” (2021)

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Painting details
Painting size
120 x 100 cm / 47.24 x 39.37 in
Medium, material
oil, canvas
Subject composition
conceptual art, symbolism, expressionism
not framed
Form and frame
Painting ID

Volodymyr Nosan is a well-known graphic artist, painter, and book illustrator in Ukraine and abroad. Thanks to this "triad", his work acquired an organic embodiment and a kind of "reconciliation" of painting and graphics, the compositional construction of integral, generalized pictorial images. In the author's brilliantly realized artistic experiment, the influence of Far Eastern and domestic engraving, post-impressionism and modern, "strict style" of masters of arts of the 1960s is noticeable.

Volodymyr Nosan, a painter with a lively style of artistry. It is full of artistic strength and morality. Strength - to work a miracle. Feel the colors, the density of the air… And it lifts, awakens, straightens. Today it is his white bird. The bird of destiny, despite the whistling of paper boats and mirages. His authenticity seems to be hidden from his face behind a noble smile and modesty.

The basis of the author's picturesque search is not the three-dimensional-plastic characteristic of the depicted, but its inherent decorative color construction. In landscapes the way from a natural impression to its philosophical comprehension and construction of integral, generalized pictorial images, consistent with the author's vision is palpable.

In his paintings he composes his own landscapes, saturates them with his mood, inspiring his own thoughts, adding what is not in nature, but is in the author's soul, opening the door from the three-dimensional state of matter to the psychic space. Therefore, his oil painting is often likened to exquisite grizzly bear, matte gouache, ink drawing and color linocut, which requires just such a language of expression.

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