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Symotiuk Nazar
Year of birth:1992 y.
Place of birth: Buchachky village, Ivano-Frankivsk region
Place of living and work: Lviv
About myself and my artworks:

Nazar Simotiuk explores in his artworks the possibilities of traditional material - wood - in conceptual, technical, figurative aspects. The stylistic basis of his decorative reliefs were op-art, suprematism, abstract art, impressionism. With his work, he extends the modern concept of abstract plastics in wood, contrasts them with traditional canonization and shows a radically updated format.

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Author's works (28)

2012 - Kolomyia Pedagogical College, Fine Arts Department

Lviv National Academy of Arts, Wood Department


2014 - "Autumn Salon", Palace of Arts, Lviv

2014 - "Texture", Museum of Ideas, Lviv

2015 - "Autumn Salon", Palace of Arts, Lviv

2015 - All-Ukrainian Exhibition to the Day of the Artist, Kyiv

2015 - "Sacrum", after plein-air exhibition, "Optima Plaza" business center, Lviv

2015 - "From Nicholas to Jordan", personal exhibition, business center "Optima-Plaza", Lviv

2015 - "Lviv with the eyes of youth", Ukrsotsbank, Lviv

2016 - "Sacrum", after plein-air exhibition, "Optima Plaza" business center, Lviv

2016 - "Ivan Franko's jubilee all-Ukrainian exhibition", National Observatory, Ivano-Frankivsk

2016 - All-Ukrainian Exhibition to the Independence Day of Ukraine, Kyiv

2017 - "The Wood", National Academy of Arts Gallery, Lviv

2017 - "Forma" Exhibition Center "Southern-EXPO"

2017 - "5.ART", Forum, Lviv

2017 - "Autumn Salon", Palace of Arts, Lviv

2018 - "De-Form" exhibition, Lviv

2018 - "Modern decorative art", Lviv

2018 - "De-Form" exhibition, Lviv Regional Philharmonic