Kostiv Mykhailo

About myself and my artworks

Most sculptors have their favorite material and for Mykhailo Kostiv such material is wood. In his youth he mastered the craft of the engraver, and his sculptures suggest the perfect skill and high culture of wood processing.

Art critic Dmytro Horbachov said that in his work Mykhailo Kostiv drawn to modernism of the early twentieth century, and on the stylistic features of his plastic language can be called an inspired follower of Oleksandr Arkhypenko.

Participant in art exhibitions from the 1990s

2003-2004 - personal exhibition, Kyiv

2005 - personal exhibition, Lviv

2005-2006 - personal exhibition, Ivano-Frankivsk

2009 - personal exhibition, Ternopil

The works of Mykhailo Kostiv are in private collections in Ukraine, Austria, Poland, Germany, Great Britain, the USA and Canada.

KyivGallery Art Critic

The sculptures of Mykhailo Kostiv are distinguished by high quality of performance, psychological character, variety of compositional constructions, first of all. The artist creates elegant and holistic silhouettes - abstract, but recognizable, anthropomorphic compositions. He masterfully uses the characteristic features of the material used - its color, texture and plastic originality. The language of sculptures preserves the conventionality traditional for Old Russian art.

The carver seeks to generalization of forms, symmetry of compositions, rhythm.

Abstract compositions of Mykhailo Kostiv are characterized by dynamism, conciseness of composition and form, plasticity and lyricism. Convexity and concavity create a rhythmic play of light and shade, and the fullness and through-carving create an organic pattern with the surrounding space.

The figures of the characters seem to dissolve in geometric abstract forms - the composition acquires strict constructiveness, as if turning into a conditional lace.

In expressive images, the artist embodies the ideas of harmony that are deep in meaning, the interaction of masculine and feminine, flowing and unity. Two in his sculptures as one thing - they seem to be made of the same matter, they come from each other, pass into each other, flow from each other. Spinning in a spiral, moving upward, they seem to ascend to infinity in an immortal dance of unity.

Artist's sculptures
Sculpture «Two figures», wood. Скульптор Kostiv Mykhailo. Buy painting
Mykhailo Kostiv

Two figures


30 x 121 x 36 cm /11.81 x 47.64 x 14.17 in

€ 9814
Sculpture «Monument X», wood. Скульптор Kostiv Mykhailo. Buy painting
Mykhailo Kostiv

Monument X


34 x 120 x 38 cm /13.39 x 47.24 x 14.96 in

€ 7583
Sculpture «Model N», wood. Скульптор Kostiv Mykhailo. Buy painting
Mykhailo Kostiv

Model N


21 x 120 x 21 cm /8.27 x 47.24 x 8.27 in

€ 10706
Sculpture «Tango», wood. Скульптор Kostiv Mykhailo. Buy painting
Mykhailo Kostiv



30 x 120 x 31 cm /11.81 x 47.24 x 12.20 in

€ 8921
Sculpture «Two», wood. Скульптор Kostiv Mykhailo. Buy painting
Mykhailo Kostiv



30 x 120 x 30 cm /11.81 x 47.24 x 11.81 in

€ 8475