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Kuznetsova Polina
Year of birth:1985 y.
Place of birth: Kharkiv
Place of living and work: Kharkiv
About myself and my artworks:

“Sometimes I dream of creating the space of a dream… I quite rarely have dreams, but I often see reality as a dream”, Polina says. She believes that when art becomes useful, it turns into either design or advocacy. “I create art. I appreciate harmonic compositions with a bit of conflict. It seems to me it is not so scary to die when your life is like a piece of art – all facets and sense have been revealed. But until it is so you need to fulfill yourself with all your might and main.” At the present time Polina studies at the Art Communication Department. “I am interested in finding means of communication with various people. For instance my associate and I together with totally blind ones model by touch. That is rather interesting experience. Besides for ten years I have been teaching art to people of all ages. Art communication is my way of hiding from the world.” In Loza Strekoza Wine Bar in Kharkiv you can see some Polina’s artworks. Her paintings are notable for the distinctive style and actually are generalized characters from her own emotional experience and stories of the life. “What are the pictures I create about? About things that I come across. About things that prompt me to reflection. Mostly I ‘’steal” subjects from reality, from the life.”

Now she is a freelance artist and the main easel artist.

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Kharkiv Art Lyceum

Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts


Active participant of numerous plein-airs, art actions and creative group events. Her works are presented at all Ukrainian and international exhibitions.

Many paintings by Polina Kuznetsova are stored in private collections in Ukraine, the USA, Estonia, China and the Philippines