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Kutsachenko Andrii
Year of birth 1982
Place of birth Kyiv
Place of living and work Kyiv

Taras Shevchenko State Art High School

National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Faculty of Painting, Lopukhova OM Workshop)

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

National Union of Artists of Ukraine

  • Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (Kiev)
  • Sofia Kievskaya National Historical and Cultural Reserve
  • Hetman's Capital National Historical and Cultural Reserve (Baturin)
  • Kirovograd Art Museum
  • Berdyansk Art Museum. Brodsky
  • Museum of I.Ya. Franco (village of Nahujevichi)
  • Ivan Kavaleridze Museum-Workshop (Kiev)
  • Taras Shevchenko National Museum (Kiev)
  • Southern Regional Department of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (Izmail Border Detachment, Belgorod-Dniester Border Detachment)
  • Western Regional Department of the State Border Guard Service (Chernivtsi Border Detachment)
  • Art Exhibition Hall Energodar City Administration
  • Institute of History of NASU

Personal exhibitions

2018 - Personal exhibition - I. Brodsky Museum

2017 - Personal exhibition in the Museum-Workshop of I. Kavaleridze

2016 - Personal exhibition in the gallery in the gallery KZ Art Room

2014 - Personal exhibition "United Ukraine", Kiev, music. Taras Shevchenko

2013 - Personal exhibition (Kiev, Ivan Kavaleridze Museum-Workshop)

2012 - Personal exhibition (Kiev, gallery "Art Tent")

2012 - Personal exhibition (Lviv, Art-corali gallery)

2012 - Personal exhibition (Odessa, Valdai restaurant)

2010 - "Bread" personal exhibition

2003 - Personal exhibition. Exhibition area of ​​the All-Ukrainian Fund. Reconstruction of outstanding monuments of historical and architectural heritage. O. Gonchar.


Collective exhibitions

2018 - All-Ukrainian plein air within the festival "Kropfest"

2018 - All-Ukrainian plein air "Golden Bug" (Nikolaev)

2017 - Plein Air "Southern Borders of the Fatherland"

2017 - All-Ukrainian plein air "Frumushika-Nova"

2017 - Participation in the exhibition "Landscape of Kiev"

2017 - International plein air "Vilkishki. Meadow of Neman"

2014 - Participation in the exhibition of Ukrainian landscape "Ukrainian landscape. On the other side of despair ... ", Kyiv," Art Arsenal "

2013 - International Plein Air "Drenica2013" (Slovakia)

2013 - All-Ukrainian plein air "Castles of Western Ukraine" (Zolochev)

2013 - Air plein air for the 90th anniversary of Zhulyany Airport

2012 - UKRAINIAN ART WEEK, NSHU (3rd place in the nomination best landscape)

2011 - 2012 - participation in Ukrainian and international plein airs:

  • All-Ukrainian plein air "Castles of Western Ukraine" (Zolochev)
  • International Plein Air "Strandzha Palette, Bulgaria, Malko Tarnovo)
  • All-Ukrainian plein air, gallery by A. Vasilisa (Svyatogorsk)
  • All-Ukrainian plein air of the Starosamborsk city administration
  • all-Ukrainian plein air of Truskavets city administration;
  • plein air for the 250th anniversary of I. Ya. Franko (Naguevichi village)
  • plein air "Glory to Galicia" (Buchach)
  • plein air "Synevirskaya Polyana" (Transcarpathia)
  • plein air "Pilipets 2012" (Transcarpathia)
  • plein air of Berdyansk thin. their museum. I. Brodsky

2010 - Exhibition-auction of works by Kiev artists

2010 - National Reserve "Sofia Kievskaya",

2010 - Participation in the exhibition of Ukrainian artists in Georgia (Tbilisi) within the project "ProCreditArt"

2009 - «Escher. Spring sun ”, Central House of Officers

2009-2002 - participation in the All-Ukrainian art exhibitions (NSHU)

2009-2002 - participation in the international plein airs "Castles of Western Ukraine", Zolochev; "Synevyrska Polyana"

2007 - Participation in the international plein air of Horizon Gallery

2007 - Participation in the international plein air of the Lviv Academy of Arts.

2007 - Participation in the plein air "Carpathian necklaces" of the Uzhhorod organization NSHU.

2007 - Participation in the exhibition "Kiev-Art", Ukrainian House.

2006 - Participation in the international project dedicated to the Archangel Michael "Kiev-Rome"

2006 - Gallery with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Ra Gallery, UNESCO.

2005 - Prize of the forum of creative youth of Kiev, gallery "Ra" (together with KGA).

2003 - Participation in the Kiev Youth Art Exhibition, Lavra Gallery.