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Kurochka Mykhailo
Year of birth 1999
Place of birth Lebedivka
Place of living and work Lebedivka
About myself and my artworks

Artistic pseudonym Shkeryk (Shkeryk / Shkeryk).

I have been drawing since childhood, but more or less seriously since the end of 2017.

He started his art with simple works with lines, but gradually the lines became more, they connected, there was a filling between them and so on…

But at the end of December 2017, I did one interesting job, which I called "The Beginning", and from that moment I started my creative activity.

And so all my life I drew something, it's mostly what I was interested in those periods of life.

Basically, I create something geometric, but now all the work is full of circles.

Art genres that I like: abstractionism, cubism, steampunk, cyberpunk, modernism, futurism and surrealism.

I am mainly inspired by nature, electronic music and my old works.

Why did you become an artist? I do not know how it turned out.

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2018 - Kyiv Regional Higher Vocational School of Construction