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Kozlov Leonid
Year of birth 1954
Place of birth Kyiv
Place of living and work Kyiv
About myself and my artworks

Leonid Kozlov is the author of a number of works. He devoted most of his creative potential to creating gallery of dancers, namely ballerinas.

Slender, refined female figures surprise with a real harmony of forms, the delicacy of volumes and the purity of lines.

Different for the plastic and mood, the ballerinas are depicted at such moments when the dance is about to begin. The master fixes the inner concentration before the movement, or vice versa, at the moment of a minute rest, but when the dance has just completed and the energy of movement still creates a certain rhythm

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1969 - art workshop of the Honored Artist of Ukraine sculptor Anatoliy Semenovich Fuzhenko.

1982 - Kyiv Academy of Arts (Art Institute), Faculty of Sculpture, workshop of Professor, Academician Vasyl Zakharovich Borodai

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

National Union of Artists of Ukraine


Personal exhibitions

1995 - "16 steps to new harmony", National  museum Kyiv, Kyiv

1997 - "Existence in space", National  museum Kyiv, Kyiv

1999 - "Sculpture", Kyiv  museum of Russian art Kyiv

2001 - "Painting", gallery "Irena", Kyiv

2002 - "Painting", gallery “Mystets”, National Union of Artists of Ukraine Kiev

2003 - "Painting, graphics, sculpture", gallery of Artists House, National Union of Artists of  Kyiv

2004 - "Sculpture, graphics", gallery "Gard", Yuzhnoukrainsk

2007 - "Sculpture ,drawing , painting", Arts Gallery "Lavra" in the framework of International festival of ballet “Serge Lefar. De la danse”, Kyiv

2007 - "Sculpture drawing" gallery "Kavanaugh", West des Moines, Iowa, USA

2008 - "Sculpture, painting", Ukrainian National Museum, Chicago, USA.

2009 - "The Harmony of Colours and Shapes" in the Galleery of the AUGB, London, Great  Britain

2010 - "Year of life and beauty" sculpture, painting Ukrainian National Museum Chicago, USA

2011 - "Style & Charm", sculpture, drawing "The gallery 54", London, UK

2011 - "Jidescription", Voloshyn Gallery, Kyiv

2011 - "Big Sculpture Salon", Art Arsenal, Kyiv

2012 - "Big Sculpture Salon", Art Arsenal, Kyiv

2012 - "Painting", Voloshyn Gallery, Kyiv

2013 - "Painting", Voloshyn Gallery, Kyiv

Group exhibition
1982 - Exhibition of modern Ukrainian artists in Kioto, Japan

1982 - І Republican exhibition of sculpture, Kyiv

1982 - І State exhibition of sculpture, Moscow, Russia

1983 - Republican exhibition dedicated to 175th Anniversary of Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv

1987 - Republican exhibition “Youth of the country”, Kyiv 

1987 - State exhibition “Youth of the country”, Moscow, Russia

1990 - II Republican exhibition of sculpture, Kyiv

1991 - "Beyond Borders ", company "Fusion Art Distribution" gallery of the

company "Fusion Art Pittsburgh, USA

1991 - Biennial of Ukrainian fine arts “Lviv ’91 – Renaissance”, Lviv

1995 - Exhibition of modern art, gallery “Sergei Popov”, Berlin, Germany

1996 - “Space without boarders”, exhibition dedicated to 120th Anniverary of Brankusha, gallery “Slavutych”, Kyiv

1997 - International Art Festival, gallery "INKO-ART". “Ukrainian House” Centre, Kyiv

1998 - Academic exhibition of artists from Central Europe «CES INKONNUS CELEBRES» de Blanc Manto, Paris, France

1999 - Triennial “Sculpture – ‘99”/ Academy of Arts in Ukraine, gallery “KHS”, Kyiv

2000 - I International symposium of sculpture in ice. Company "Pantene  Clarifying", Kyiv

2000 - "Voloshyn" gallery.  Exhibition “Crossroads. The Art of Ukraine on the boarders of centuries” Vienna, Austria    

2002 - Triennial “Sculpture – 2002”, Kyiv

2003 - "Painting, graphics, sculpture", gallery KOSKH,  Kyiv 

2004 - "Sculpture, graphics", gallery "Gard", Yuzhnoukraїnsk

2006 - Triennial "Graphics" gallery KOSKH, Kyiv

2008 - Exhibition "Great Sculpture Salon", The Ukranian Hous, Kyiv

2008 - Triennial "Sculpture", gallery KOSKH, Kyiv 

2009 - Exhibition "Grand sculpture salon-2009", Kyiv

2009 - Exhibition "Fine Art-2009", Kyiv

2010 - Exhibition "Sculpture" Gallery "Matt Lamb Studios LLC" River east art center

Chіcago, USA

2010 - Exhibition, "Art- Kiev  Сontemporary", Kyiv

2011 - "Painting", "Volosyn" Gallery, Kyiv  

2011 - "Great Sculpture Salon - 2011", Art Arsenal, Kyiv

2011 - Auctіon - 21 "Sontemporary", auction house "Gold Section" Donetsk  

2012 - Exhibition “Grand sculpture salon-2010”, Kyiv 

2013 - Exhibition “Nu", gallery “Mistets" NUAU, Kyiv

2013 - "Erotic in Art", "Voloshyn" gallery, Kyiv

2013 - Exhibition sculpture, grafіk gallery, "Mistetz" NUAU, Kyiv

2014 - Exhibition "Christmas" Gallery M-17 NUAU, Kyiv

2014 - Exhibition "Ukraine. The archetype of freedom", gallery " Voloshyn" Gallery Novomatic Forum Vienna, Austria 

2015 - Exhibition «Inspired by Black Square», "Voloshyn" gallery, Kyiv

2016 - Exhibition sculpture Institute of International Relations, Kyiv

2017 - Ukrainian sculptures of the trienale Central House of Artists, Kyiv

2017 - The exhibition is devoted to the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Arts and Architecture, KO NSAU,  Kyiv

2018 - Art-роject "3D. Public" organizers: NGO "International Institute of Cultural Diplomacy" in  National Reserve"Sofia Kyivska", Kyiv

2019 - Exhibition devoted to founding of KONSAU "Art in space and time ...", Kyiv

2019 - Exhibition “Ukrainian Contemporary Sculpture”, “Golden Section” auction house, Kyiv

Iinternational  sculpture  symposiums:

2019 - Symposium Sculpture in sandstone Kam'yansky historical and cultural reserve Kam'yanka

2018 - Simposіum on skulpture in sandstone Priluki

2016 - The 2th International sculpture symposium in marble "Nicapetre" Cultural Centre Braila, Romania

2015 - The 16th China Changchun International sculpture symposium Сhina

2014 - Simposіum on  skulpture in liimestone "Miy Іrpіn", Іrpіn

2008 - Simposіum on skulpture in stone prisvyacheny 1020 rіchnitsі Hreschennya Kiїvskoї Rusі, Vishgorod

2001 - The International Symposium of Sculpture in Stone "Kremin", Kreminchuk

2002 - International symposium on sculpture in stone “Europe-Ukraine Yuzhnoukrainsk

2000 - The First International Symposium Sculpture in ice. The company "Pantene Clarifying", Kyiv

1996 - The International Symposium of Sculpture in Stone "Neolit'96", Olesko

1994 - The International Symposium of Sculpture in Stone 'TERRA INCOGNITO", "IRENA" Gallery, National museum Kyiv

1993 - The International Symposium of Sculpture in limestone "Kyivo - Podil", Kyiv

1991 - The International Symposium of Sculpture in GRANITE "Olvio'91", Parutino

1991 - The International Symposium of Sculpture in marble Kata-Kurgan, Uzbekistan

1990 - The International Symposium of Sculpture in limestone, sandstone, Ternopil

1989 - The International Symposium of Sculpture in granite, Nikolayev

1988 - The International Symposium of Sculpture in sandstone "Odesseya'88", Odessa

1987 - The First Republican Symposium in sandstone "The Earth blossoms", Yampol

Museum Collections:

  • Museum of Printing of Ukraine, Kiev
  • National Museum “Kiev Art Gallery” - Art Museum, Kiev
  • National Library of Ukraine named after V.I. Vernadsky, Kiev
  • Cabinet of medals and faleristics at the Lviv Regional Department of the Ukrainian Culture Fund
  • Lugansk Regional Art Museum
  • Nikolaev Art Museum named after V.V. Vereshchagin
  • Khmelnitsky Regional Art Museum
  • Chernihiv Regional Art Museum named after Grigory Galagan
  • Vinnitsa Regional Art Museum
  • Ukrainian National Museum Archive, Chicago, USA
  • Library - archive named after T.G. Shevchenko, London, UK
  • Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
  • Union of Artists of Ukraine

Private collections: Germany, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA, Finland, Nigeria

Prizes and awards

1994 - First prize at the International symposium in stone “TERRA INCOGNITO”, gallery “Irena”, Kyiv

1998 - Silver medal at Academic exhibition for artists from Central Europe “CES  INCONNUS CELEBRES”,  Paris, France

1999 - Bronze medal at International exhibition of models and toys in the category “Sculpture of Naomi Campbell”, Chicago, USA


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Olga Customer reviews about the artist 03/07/2020

Very sophisticated and amazing sculptures

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Olga Customer reviews about the artist 03/07/2020

Very sophisticated and amazing sculptures

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