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Koval Dmytro
Year of birth 1990
Place of birth Khotin, Chernivtsi region
Place of living and work Kyiv

1998 - Khotinska Children's Art School

2002-2007 - Children's Art School im. T.G. Shevchenko

2009-2016 - NAOMA (at the creative master of easel painting by professor, academician, People's Artist of Ukraine V.I. Gurin), honors degree

Membership of NUAU and other organizations

2017 - NUAU

Winner of:
1. Laureate of the Prize named after V. Puzyrkov (work series “Love,” Kyiv, 2012);

2. Laureate of the Prize named after V. Shatalin (work “The Universe,” Kyiv, 2013);

3. Scholarship named after M. Murashko, 2014;

4. Laureate of the Prize named after V. Zaretsky (work “Coffee-Tea,” Kyiv, 2015);

5. Laureate of the 1st prize in the nomination “Pictorial Art” (the All-Ukrainian exhibition-contest “Talent Energy Fest,” Kyiv, 2016);

6. Laureate of the prize named after M. Deregusa “For outstanding achievements in fine arts” in the field of pictorial art (Series of works “Ukrainian Prayer,” Kyiv, 2018);

7. Diploma of the II degree (All-Ukrainian Triennial of Painting, Kremenchuk, 2018-2019);

8. The owner of the Grant of the President of Ukraine for outstanding young figures in the field of art (Kyiv, 2019)

9. Diploma of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine “For significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian fine arts” (Kyiv, 2019).


2007 - Union of Free Artists, Artist Gallery, Kyiv

2008 - Union of Free Artists. 2 "(" Artist "Gallery, Kyiv

2017-2018 - In anticipation of the sun, art gallery "Manufactory", p. Hodosivka

2018 - Dream, art space "Think Different", Kyiv

2019 - Mystification of Love, Manufactory Art Gallery, p. Hodosivka

2019 - Mysterious Ukraine. Essay on History and the Present, IEC "Museum of the History of the City of Kyiv", Kyiv


2021 - Mysterious Ukraine. Essay on History and the Present, Chernivci Regional Art Museum


2021 - Mysterious Ukraine. Essay on history and the present, Kamyanets-Podilsky Art Museum