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Painting “Paparazzi”
Painting “Paparazzi”-2
Painting “Paparazzi”-3
Painting “Paparazzi”-4
Painting “Paparazzi”-5
Painting “Paparazzi”-6
Painting “Paparazzi”
Painting “Paparazzi”-2
Painting “Paparazzi”-3
Painting “Paparazzi”-4
Painting “Paparazzi”-5
Painting “Paparazzi”-6

Painting “Paparazzi” (2013)

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Painting details
Painting size
140 x 190 cm / 55.12 x 74.80 in
Medium, material
oil, canvas
Subject composition
pop art, surrealism, conceptual art
not framed
Form and frame
Painting ID
Description of the painting

There is one unenviable side of celebrities: they do not belong to their lives, because people want to know everything about them, and the slightest deviation from the norm can lead to a big scandal. And this is all thanks to the paparazzi.
Paparazzi is such an unusual word, it seems to be something interesting, but these are just people in the bushes.
Leonardo DiCaprio


The main content and essence of creativity of Igor Konovalov - the sphere of communication in the modern society.

For two decades the artist explores and visualizes the processes of interaction between a man and art as well as powerful influence on the society of information flows.

Igor Konovalov notes the existence of modern and fast-paced space of invisible particles of information. These particles convey the infinite and unique in its speed digital data stream that conquered the whole world. Never before humanity had such an instantaneous transmission of information.

The artist invites the viewer to see current information of a particle in the form of "bunnies" - quick and swift in reproduction in their distribution. Their moving images fill the entire space of modern life.

The artist's painting differs by refined harmony. Igor Konovalov is great in the magic of color, using the full range of modern pigments, creating the rich contrasts on the paintings and the subtle nuances of the color combinations.

Now the information intervention continues. But the "bunnies"of Igor Konovalov bring light and joy because the right to choose information is left to a man.

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