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Painting “Asters on a gray background, a series of artworks based on Andersen's fairy tale "Flowers of Little Ida"”

Painting “Asters on a gray background, a series of artworks based on Andersen's fairy tale "Flowers of Little Ida"” (2021)

The painting is sold. Artist does not create copies of this painting. Original, one-of-a-kind artwork
Painting details
Painting size
80 x 58 cm / 31.50 x 22.83 in
Medium, material
oil, canvas
Still life: flowers
impressionism, modern, primitivism / naive art
not framed
Form and frame
Painting ID
Description of the painting

Asters on a gray background, a series of artworks based on Andersen "Flowers of Little Ida"


The desire for decorativeness is the desire to decorate the objects of work and life, housing, and the environment. This striving is to harmonize the relationship of man with the world, primarily through a common rhythmic basis and a system of supporting meanings. Important meanings. It is not for nothing that they are also called iconic. In decorative art, they have the image of generally understandable stylizations and symbols. As milestones of life, they form a special rhythm - the rhythm of the human dimension and weave it into the spatio-temporal rhythm of the image and its contemplation.

Each artist sees him in his own way - in accordance with his attitude, understanding of harmony, creative style. The paintings of Vladimir Ilchenko paradoxically combine commonality and individuality: the generalization of the symbol and the individuality of the personal understanding of the generalization.

Recently, Vladimir became interested in displaying natural rhythms. The artist seeks to clear the rhythm from the subject matter as much as possible: to highlight, so to speak, a smile from the Cheshire cat. Abstract painting fix idea. Since, in this case, the generally understood pictorial language inevitably gives way to artistic "jargon", and "extracting a smile" turns into a narrowing of the artist's life basis to a narrow circle of "initiates".

However, haven't the alchemists made useful discoveries while searching for the Philosopher's Stone? It seems that Vladimir will be lucky too. And the sincerity inherent in the artist and the desire to give people joy will help him in this.

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