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Painting “Silence”
Painting “Silence”-2
Painting “Silence”-3
Painting “Silence”-4
Painting “Silence”-5
Painting “Silence”-6
Painting “Silence”
Painting “Silence”-2
Painting “Silence”-3
Painting “Silence”-4
Painting “Silence”-5
Painting “Silence”-6

Painting “Silence” (2017)

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Painting details
Painting size
170 x 140 cm / 66.93 x 55.12 in
Medium, material
oil, canvas
Subject composition
conceptual art, expressionism
not framed
Form and frame
Painting ID
Description of the painting

The name of the project is "Episodes".
The project is aimed at supporting the Ukrainian cinema, which is now in a state of prolonged sleep.
Each work is a shot. They are separated from each other by plot, but hint at the versatility of the film theme. The darkness of the cinema is symbolized by a black background.

“We live in an age of constant Future Shock, when human consciousness, conservative in nature, is faced with the ultra-rapid development of technologies in all areas of human culture, including visual entertainment. there he is confronted with something that he is not able to fully understand, because the paradigm "saw, therefore it was" gives constant failures.
"Episodes" is an exhibition about the collision of a new, still imaginary, but almost today's ultramodern world with the worlds of comfortable retrograde human everyday life. This is an exhibition about how fantasy becomes reality, mixing in our world with the everyday rustic archaism and forcing it into ideological evolution. "


I am an optimist in life. I even make the destruction positive. However, in my work I do not perceive glamor and insane fun. Also, I would not want to be considered an impressionist, as they sometimes write about me. In general, I do not belong to any direction. For me, the main thing is the goal and the idea, and not the means of their expression.

I always want to go a new way. It happens that an artist has found his niche: composition, color, theme or element - and has driven to stamp. This is not for me. An artist must be interesting, he must change, despite the commercial component.

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